This RAR  bibliography records the known published and unpublished history of the Regiment since its formation in 1948. It has been prepared by an RAR Task Group comprising Terry & Margaret Dinneen, Darcy Dugan and Ted Chitham with assistance from David Horner, Michael O’Brien, Mick Malone, Gary MacKay and Ian Kuring and others, all intent on recording for posterity […]

This Part comprises Australian authors and publications which might generally be regarded as factual depictions of military history which features the RAR family. It includes those applicable Australian Official Histories as defined by the Australian Government/Australian War Memorial. For the complete list of the six series of Australian Official Histories, please click here.   GENERAL […]

GENERAL   This Part provides for printed materials produced by authors on behalf of the Regiment itself, or its battalions and sub-units, or other formal military records such as staffing lists that include RAR members eg officer graduation lists. Considerably more local productions are likely to be located by contacting each battalion regimental historian. In […]

GENERAL   This Part provides details of publications and other materials generated by individuals, telling their own or others’ factual stories without official backing to do so. They differ from Part 2 mainly on the basis that the individual author/s are responsible for their product, not the organisation from which they came or write about. […]

GENERAL   This Part contains sources of reference to the RAR by other Australian Defence Force Services, non-Infantry Corps of the Australian Army, and non-military eg Police, Border Security and others. Foreign (non-Australian) sources are contained in Part 5.   ALLSOP, Nigel – Australian War Dogs: The Story of Four-legged Diggers New Holland Publishers, Sydney, […]

This Part contains sources generated by other than Australian authors. Includes authors/agencies that might have been enemies at the time of the applicable conflict.     GENERAL   ENGLISH John A & GUDMUNDSSON Bruce I – A Perspective on Infantry Praeger Publishers, Westport CT USA, 1994 ISBN: 0030596998 Index, bibliography; 201 pages. A brief mention […]

This Part covers the very large field of smaller articles and other data which appear in both Infantry and other publications on the RAR. Major series are described below, with specific articles then listed under the applicable war/deployment using the  acronym of the parent journal/periodical. Where known, e-links are provided to the increasing number of […]

This Part lists audio-visual sources that require a VHS, ¾” Umatic or Beta tape player to review. Audio–only may be recorded on audiocassette or even reel to reel. Some of these products may also be digitised (playable on any DVD player/computer), as such products are increasingly being converted due to the obsolescence of the machines […]

This Part includes celluloid 8mm, 16mm, 35 mm and (more recently) digital recordings that result in a “film” which can be viewed when projected onto a screen, or subsequently converted to digital format and able to be accessed via TV or computer-supported device. Some will actually be stored on a DVD or capable of retrieval […]

This Part contains RAR historical material of any nature that is only stored digitally on a DVD or CD and requires the applicable player to retrieve and view. Unless otherwise stated, sources listed might be obtained through normal information support/library/online sources. Items including the descriptor RARA Digital library can be obtained by contacting the Bibliography […]