This Part provides for printed materials produced by authors on behalf of the Regiment itself, or its battalions and sub-units, or other formal military records such as staffing lists that include RAR members eg officer graduation lists. Considerably more local productions are likely to be located by contacting each battalion regimental historian. In recent years, the digital age has also led to many materials now being “published” on-line by and about the RAR battalions and their associations; see Part 11 in particular.



2 RAR – The History of 66 Australian Infantry Battalion and the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

2 RAR, 1965


20 pages.

A locally produced foolscap document dated January 1965 which outlines the history of the Battalion until that date. It includes a Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards and details of 2 RAR’s formation, development and service for the first two decades.


3 RAR Association – The Royal Australian Regiment 50th Anniversary 1948-1998

3 RAR Association, Holsworthy, 1998


32 pages.

Provides details of the RAR’s honours, awards, honour roll and other key data on behalf of the Regiment.


3 RAR – A Brief History of the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

3 RAR, Woodside, 1969


17 pages.

An in-house brochure outlining the Battalion’s history covering the first two decades.


 6 RAR  (Welch, N compiler) – A History of the Sixth Battalion The royal Australian Regiment 1965-1985

6 RAR, Brisbane, 1986

Maps, photos; 208 pages.

Captures in a combination of text and photographs the battalion’s journey from its raising for service in Vietnam, to 1986.


ALLEN (CPL) Allen & CALDWELL (MAJ) Brett (Editors) – Red Phoenix:

A Pictorial History of the re-raising of the 4 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment and its conversion to the Commando Role

Donprint Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1997

ISBN: 064634322X

198 pages.

A pictorial history of 4 RAR during 1996-97. Contains a Roll of Honour for 1965-1972 and a Nominal Roll.


Army Public Relations – A Brief History of the Australian Army

Army Public Relations in-house publications, Canberra, undated


30 pages.

The last third of the booklet relates to post-WWII and hence the RAR is mentioned. It is a useful overview and highlights the main events.


AUSTIN, Brigadier M – The Australian Army, a Brief History

Edition One (1987)

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW 2011

ISBN: 978-1-921941-15-3

Maps and photographs, 96 pages.

Parts 1 to 3 of this book outline the history up until and during WWII. Part 4 contains a number of articles from the end of WWII up to the date of publication in each edition. Part 5 covers History and Traditions. More recent editons include: ARMY PUBLIC AFFAIRS – Edition Two (1993), CHIN, Colonel D – Edition Three (2000), LEVER, Major Geoff – Edition Four (2011).




Defence Public Relations – The Australian Army – A Brief History

Defence Public Relations, The Australian Government Publishing Service Canberra, 1985


RS 84/20058 Cat No 84 19251

The post-WWII section includes mention of the RAR in various theatres up to 1972 Army reorganisation.



Directorate of Public Information Army – The Australian Army: A Brief History

Defence Publishing Services, Canberra, 2000

BIB ID 193002

ISBN: Unknown

Bibliography; 36 pages.

Part 3 addresses the post- WW II period and provides an overview centred on the activities of the RAR up to January 2000.



EATON, H.B. – Something Extra: 28 Commonwealth Brigade 1951-1974

The Pentland Press Ltd, Auckland, 1993

ISBN: 1858210496

Index, bibliography, 354 pages.

This source includes both official sources and records, and also personal contributions of many former members. Lists the commanders of units.



HALSEY, Geoff, WALSH, Derek (compiled by) – The Grey Eight In Focus: A pictorial of the Eighth Battalion, of the Royal Australian Regiment Malaysia 1967-1969, Vietnam 1969-1970.

Digital Print Australia, Adelaide, 2010

ISBN: 9780646504414

223 pages.

A photographic record of 8RAR’s tours of duty in Malaysia and Vietnam. Includes a Nominal Roll.



HILL, Anthony – Animal Heroes

Penguin Books, Melbourne, 2005

ISBN 0143301993

Index, bibliography; 235 pages

The 9th Battalion’s mascot and some of the other animals including the tracker dogs are featured. Revised edition published in 2007.



HORNER, David (Editor) – Duty First: The Royal Australian Regiment in War and Peace

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1990

ISBN: 004442227 X

Index, bibliography; 525 pages.

The history of the Regiment’s first forty-five years which includes awards, COs, RSMs, regimental battle honours and unit citations.



HORNER, David & BAU Jean (Editors) – Duty First: The Royal Australian Regiment in War and Peace

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2008

ISBN: 978174145374 5

Index, bibliography; 525 pages.

An update of a 1990 edition to cover the Regiment’s first sixty years which includes awards, COs, RSMs, regimental battle honours and unit citations.



Infantry Centre – The Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment

Infantry Centre, Singleton, undated


An in-house publication produced in the early 70s by the Infantry Centre. All nine original battalions are included. Theatres of service, COs and RSMs are listed as well as a range of useful miscellaneous information.



INGLIS, Ken – Sacred Places

Melbourne University Publishing, Melbourne, 2008

ISBN: 9780522854794

Index, bibliography; 640 pages.

Australian war memorials were often created by a range of authorities and other groups to honour Australia’s war dead. Many veterans and others did not want any such memorials, and both sides of this matter are addressed.



JOHNSTONE, Tom – The Cross of Anzac: Australian Catholic Service Chaplains – ‘Hallowed Ground’

Church Archivists’ Press Queensland, Brisbane, 2000

ISBN: 1876194227 

359 pages, index; bibliography.

It provides information on the Catholic Chaplains who served with the Royal Australian Regiment including a roll of those Chaplains.



KURING, Ian – Redcoats to Cams: A History of Australian Infantry 1788-2001

Australian Military History Publications, Canberra, 2004

ISBN: 1876439998

Index, bibliography, several appendixes; 557 pages.

This book tells where Australian infantrymen have served, how they were organised and equipped, and what they have done. It provides insights into their training, tactical doctrine, methods of operation and operational support.

The Regiment dominates the post-WW II segment.


NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF 3RAR ASSOC QLD – The Royal Australian Regiment 50th Anniversary 1948-1998

Committee 3RAR Association (Old Faithful) Inc, Sydney, 1998

Bib: ID2261835


23 pages.

Comprises significant aspects of the Regiment in brief form and includes battle honours, unit and individual awards, and an Honour Roll.



RAR Association – Blessing and Dedication of the Royal Australian Regiment Memorial on 24 March 2017

RAR Association, Brisbane, 2017


Form of Service; 10 pages.

Ceremony document on the occasion of the dedication and blessing of the memorial at RAR Place/Ferguson Park, Enoggera, Brisbane.



RAR Regimental HQ – RAR Battalion Histories

Regimental HQ, Singleton, 1977



See Part 11. Last paper copies printed are now out of date; held at the School of Infantry as archived artifacts. Includes a nominal roll of COs and RSMs, Regimental Marches and Songs, and affiliated units. Records in an Annexure include an outline history of each battalion from its inception to the date of publication. These Standing Orders are in themselves an historical artefact which show how regimental matters are documented at the time of their access, being an online product currently inside the Defence Restricted Network. Subject to periodic upgrade.



RAR Regimental HQ – The Parade to mark the 70th Anniversaries of the establishment of the founding battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment

Regt HQ RAR, Singleton NSW, 2015


Parade Booklet, 26 pages.

Unique event booklet raised in connection with the parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the raising of 65th, 66th and 67th Battalions (34th Australian Infantry Brigade) in October 1945. Short histories of 1, 2 and 3 RAR, Regimental Battle Honours, details of the Governor-General – General Sir Peter Cosgrove (ex-RAR), Colonel Commandant MAJGEN Mark Kelly, included.



RAY, Michael – 50 Years of Duty

Warrior Press, Mansfield VIC, 1995

ISBN: 0646260197

Bibliography; 100 pages.

A photographic record of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions The Royal Australian Regiment on active service 1945-1995. Honour Roll.






ATKINSON, James J – The Kapyong Battalion: Nominal Roll of Third Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment, Battle of Kapyong 23-24 April 1951

New South Wales Military Historical Society, Sydney, 1977

ISBN: 090945812X

80 pages.

3 RAR in Korean War 1950-1953. Includes honours and awards list (with citations), Honour Roll, roll of wounded, nominal roll.



ADAMS-SMITH, Patsy – Prisoner of War: from Gallipoli to Korea

First published by Penguin Books, Australia 1992

Later published by Ken Fin Books, 1998

ISBN: 1864581999

Index, bibliography; 754 pages.

Using dozens of interviews with former POWs, the author shows the strength and courage of Australians taken prisoner, including members of the RAR in the Korean War.



ANONYMOUS, Memorial Service, The Royal Australian Regiment, Pusan, Korea, 23-3-1953

Publisher not identified, Korea, 1953



A program of the service with the Honour Roll of the 1st and 3rd Battalions

for Korea.



BARCLAY, C.N. Brigadier CBE, DSO – The First Commonwealth Division:

The Story of British Commonwealth Land Forces in Korea, 1950-1953

Gale & Polden Ltd, Aldershot, 1954

Bib ID: 788840


236 pages.

Includes a list of Grade One Staff Officers and heads of services from July 1951 to Dec 1953, and a list of principal commanders, staff and administration officers as at 28th July 1951. Honours and awards list included.



BREEN, Bob – The Battle of Kapyong: 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Korea 23-24 April 1951

Army Doctrine Centre, Sydney, 1995 (2nd Ed)

ISBN: 0642 18222 1

Bibliography; 159 pages.

A detailed account of 3 RAR’s main battle in the Korean War; includes citations for awards, casualties and nominal roll. Updated from 1992 1st Edition published by Headquarters Training Command.



BREEN, Bob (Editor)– The Battle of Maryang San: 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Korea 2-8 Oct 1951

HQ Training Command (Aust Army), Sydney, 1994 (2nd Ed)

ISBN: 0 642 21308 9 (pbk)

Photographs, fold-out maps, 122 pages.

A detailed account of 3 RAR’s Battle of Maryang San during 2-8 October 1951 replaced the 1991 1st Edition (ISBN: 0 642 16897 0).



BUTLER D, ARGENT A, & SHELTON J. – The Fight Leaders

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2002

Bib ID: 590957

ISBN: 1876439564

Index, bibliography; 178 pages.

Tells the story of three great Australian 3 RAR battlefield leaders in the Korean War: LTCOL C.H. Green (killed in action), LTCOL I.B. Ferguson and LTCOL F.G. Hassett.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Korean War

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2000

ISBN: 0642433208 

204 pages.

Comprises data covering Australian veterans of the Korean War, includes a nominal roll.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Korea Biographies: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Mission. Official Veteran Representatives

Also titled – Korea biographies: official veteran representatives: 50th anniversary 2001 commemorative mission

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2001

ISBN – none

BIB ID: 816568

61 pages.

Australian biographies from the Korean War 1950-1953.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Australian Prisoners of War Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2009

ISBN: 9781877007408

110 pages; includes CD and DVD inside.

Part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’, this publication is produced as an educational resource for teachers.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Out in the Cold: Australia’s involvement in the Korean War 1950 -53

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2000

ISBN: 9781877007408

Bibliographical references; 94 pages.

Part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’, this publication is produced as an educational resource for teachers.



FAIRHEAD, Fred (Lieutenant Colonel Retd) – A Potted History of the Royal Australian Regiment in the Korean War 1950-53

Royal Australian Regiment Association SA Inc, Linden Park SA, 2011


Maps, Photographs; 31 pages.

Comprises an overview of the part the RAR battalions played in the Korean War. For the RAR, the Korean War had huge significance. It was the first major campaign by the battalions of this newly formed formation which was hastily thrown together and poorly equipped from an existing occupational force based in Japan. It was also the only instance to date of participation by the three battalions of the Regiment together in conventional fixed defence warfare.



GALLAWAY, Jack – The Last Call of the Bugle: The Long Road to Kapyong

University of Queensland Press, St Lucia QLD, 1994

ISBN: 0702225452

Index, bibliography; 312 pages.

Effectively a history of 3 RAR during 1950 and 1951 covering service in Japan with BCOF and then the British Commonwealth Brigade in Korea, culminating in the Battle of Kapyong. Includes the 3 RAR casualty list.



SMITH, Neil C. – Disarming the Menace: Australian Soldiers with the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces Japan 1946-1952

Mostly Unsung Military History, Brighton Victoria, 2012

ISBN: 1 876179 41 4

Index, bibliography, maps, glossary and abbreviations, 259 pages.

Comprises a short overview of the BCOF from 1946 to 1952 and includes organisations and other statistics. The bulk of information is made up of the Nominal Roll of BCOF; includes a photograph gallery and order of battle.



SMITH, Neil C – Home by Christmas: With the Australian Army in Korea, 1950-56

Talkprint Pty Ltd, Gardenvale VIC, 1990

ISBN: 06466016563

Bibliography, maps; 279 pages.

A record of the Australian Army’s involvement in the Korean War 1950-56. Includes the nominal roll of all who served with details of units, casualties, awards, many photographs, and a summary of awards.



WOOD, James – The Forgotten Force: The Australian Military Contribution To The Occupation Of Japan 1945-1952

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1998

ISBN: 1864487011

Index, bibliography; 304 pages.

Story of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force of which the RAR formed a significant part. Awards and Honour Roll for BCOF personnel included.



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)



ALCORN, Ray – The Malayan Emergency, A Brief History of Australian Involvement in a Jungle War

Self Published, Sydney, 1990

ISBN: 0 646 01055 7

Maps, 84 pages.

The publication provides some details of the contacts involving 2 RAR’s first tour in Malaysia (then known as Malaya), and a background to the deployment of the relieving battalion. Photos and diagrams of enemy weapons.



AVERY, Brian – Our Secret War: The 4th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment Defending Malaysia Against Indonesian Confrontation, 1965-1967

Slouch Hat Publications McCrae, Australia, 2001

ISBN: 095852968X and 9780960000000

Index, bibliography; 216 pages.

An insight into the harsh conditions faced by the Australian infantrymen during training, and in the subsequent secret ‘cloak and dagger’ Claret Operations against the Indonesians during Confrontation in Malaysia. Nominal Roll, Awards and Honours included.



SMITH, LTCOL C – Mostly Unsung – Australia and the Commonwealth in the Malaya Emergency 1948-60

Published by author, Melbourne, 1989

ISBN: 073168169X

125 pages.

An overview of the Australian commitment in Malaya & Brunei during the Emergency. Includes a nominal roll and roll of honour.



SMITH, LTCOL Neil C. – Nothing Short of War

Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications, Melbourne, 1999

ISBN: 1876179074

Index, bibliography; 191 pages.

With the Australian Army in Borneo, 1962-66 during Indonesian Confrontation.


SMITH, LTCOL Neil C – Operation Crimp: With the Australian Army on the Malay Peninsular 1964-65.

Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications, Melbourne, 2004

ISBN: 1876179384

49 pages.

A description of the operation followed by a summary of the Indonesian Confrontation and includes a nominal roll of all members who served, mainly 3 RAR.



VIETNAM 1962-75




ANONYMOUS – War Vietnam: A Pictorial Record of Forces in SE Asia 1967/68

Halstead Press, Sydney, 1967


Maps; 256 pages.

Mentions 1 RAR and 5 RAR, and includes NZ and US Forces.



AUSTRALIAN Newspaper – 500: The Australians who died in Vietnam

Thursday August 18 1988 Special Edited publication


Newspaper pages; digital copy possibly now available.

Syndicated Australia wide. Presented in alphabetical order and includes photographs.



1 st Australian Task Force –1st Australian Task Force Rules of Engagement

1 ATF, Nui Dat, 1967


Three page extract from 1st Australian Task Force Standing Operating Procedures. Available digitally. 



1 RAR – A Brief History

1 RAR, location unknown; undated; probably early 1970s.


43 pages.

A battalion production in A4-sized local production booklet form. Concentrates on Vietnam.



5 RAR – Rules of Engagement – October 1966

5 RAR SOP, Nui Dat, 1966


One page extract from SOP. Based on 1st Australian Task Force instructions. Available digitally. 



7 RAR –  Soldier’s Handbook

7 RAR, Holsworthy NSW, 1969 


xx pages.

A gude to conditions of service issues to each soldier of 7 RAR at that time (during the Vietnam War).



7 RAR – Soldier’s Field Handbook

7 RAR, Holsworthy NSW, 1969 


xx pages.

A guide for all soldiers of the battalion in combat, including the Rules for Battle in Vietnam.



7 RAR – Aide-memoire

7 RAR, Holsworthy NSW, 1969 


xx pages.

A pocket-sized guide for NCOs and officers on operations in Vietnam.



7 RAR – Seven in Seventy

Printcraft Press, Sydney, 1971

ISBN: 0855810181

205 pages.

A pictorial record of the Battalion’s second tour in Vietnam, 1970-71.



7 RAR – Notes on Operations

Vietnam 1970-1971

Unit publication, location and date unknown


An A4 size book 25mm thick containing notes on various aspects of operations in Vietnam by some officers of 7 RAR.



7 RAR – After Action Reports

South Vietnam 1970-71

Unit publication, location and date unknown


A 35mm thick A4 sized publication excluding maps comprising the After Action Reports of 10 operations conducted by 7 RAR.



AVERY, LTCOL Col Brian – We Too Were Anzacs: The Sixth Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment/NZ (ANZAC) South Vietnam 1969 to 1970

Slouch Hat Publications, McCrae VIC, 2004

ISBN: 095795244

Index, maps; 255 pages.

This is a story of courage, determination and endurance, in a difficult war fought against an elusive enemy over harsh terrain. Details of each of the

major operations mounted by 6 RAR/NZ are recounted in detail, complemented by many photos and maps. Nominal Roll, Honours and Awards, Roll of Honour included.



AVERY, LTCOL Brian– In The ANZAC Spirit: The Fourth Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment/NZ (ANZAC) South Vietnam, 1968-1969

Slouch Hat Publications, McCrae VIC, 2002

ISBN: 095797521 X

Index, bibliography, illustrations, maps; 220 pages.

Details the battalion’s first tour in Vietnam.



BATTLE, CAPT M. R. (editor) – The Year of the Tigers: The Second Tour of 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam, 1969-70.

Printcraft Press, Brookvale NSW, 1970

ISBN: 0855810009

Operations maps; 207 pages.

A pictorial coverage with commentary of 5 RAR’s second tour of South Vietnam. Includes a Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour, and Decorations & Awards.



BATTLE, CAPT M. R. (editor) – The Year of the Tigers: The Second Tour of 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam, 1969-70.

John Burridge Military Antiques, Swanbourne WA, 1987

ISBN: 0855810009

Operations maps; 215 pages.

This second edition is a revised pictorial record with commentary of 5 RAR’s second tour of South Vietnam. Includes a Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour, Decorations & Awards.



BATTLE, CAPT M R and DAVID S. WILKINS (Editors) – The Year of the Tigers: The Second Tour of 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam, 1969-70

Australian Military History Publications (with assistance from the Australian Army History Unit), Loftus NSW, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9804753-4-0 

Bibliographical references, index; 399 pages.

This third edition is an updated pictorial history with commentary on the actions and achievements of 5 RAR, the ‘Tiger Battalion’, during its second tour of duty. The battalion was engaged in sixteen main operations over twelve months, involving hundreds of battles with the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong including the capture of thousands of enemy defensive bunkers secreted away in dense jungle or mountain hideaways. Includes a Roll of Honour, decorations & awards, operational maps, and a nominal roll.



BREEN, Bob – First to Fight: Australian Diggers, NZ Kiwis & US Paratroopers in Vietnam, 1965-66

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1988

ISBN: 0043202187

Index, bibliography, 316 pages.

This is the story of 1 RAR who fought as part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade (US), a formation which spearheaded the escalation of American intervention in Vietnam. Includes Honours and Awards and a nominal roll.



CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest –The Viet Cong D445 Battalion, their story

Ernest Chamberlain, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9805623-4-7

Index, bibliography, 100 pages for Part 1.

This book is divided into two parts, the second comprising 15 Annexes.

This 145,000-word work presents a translation and examination of The Heroic 445 Battalion: its History and Tradition (Tieu Doan 44 Anh Hung : Lich Su Truyen Thong) i.e. the “445 Battalion History” published in 1991. As near as possible to a literal translation of the Vietnamese text has been attempted – without any omissions. As a result, the English prose may appear somewhat stilted in parts. Nevertheless, it is hoped that this work will bring an understanding of D445’s story to a wider readership.



CHITHAM Ted (Editor) – On Active Service: 9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Vietnam Tour of Duty 1968-1969

9RAR Association, Brisbane, 1992

ISBN: 0646101609

Photographs, Maps.

A record of service of the Regiment’s youngest Battalion raised specifically for Vietnam service. Includes an Honours and Awards List, Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.



CHURCH, J.M. – Second to None: 2RAR as the ANZAC Battalion in Vietnam, 1970-71

Army Doctrine Centre, Mosman NSW, 1995

ISBN: 0642229155

Index; 230 pages.

The Commanding Officer’s personal account of 2 RAR’s second tour of Vietnam. Includes a Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour and Awards. Re-printed in 1996 with corrections.



CLARK C.J. CAPT (Editor) – Yours Faithfully: A Record of Service of the 3rd Battalion RAR in Australia and South Vietnam Feb 1969 – October 1971

Printcraft Press, Sydney 1972

ISBN 0959969802

Nominal Roll, Honours & Awards, Honour Roll, photographs, maps, 203 pages.

Primarily a pictorial with some commentary.



CLUNIES-ROSS, Major A (edited by) – The Grey Eight in Vietnam:

The History of Eighth Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment

November 1969 – November 1970

Eight Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment, 1971

ISBN: 0642949034

Illustrations, maps and 160 pages.

Provides a brief history of the battalion prior to and during its tour in South Vietnam. Roll of Honour, Nominal Roll, Awards included.



DENNIS, Peter & GREY, Jeffrey (Editors) – The Australian Army &

the Vietnam War 1962-1972

Australian Army History Unit, Canberra 2002

ISBN: 0642502676

Index, references, 304 pages.

Several chapters address various aspects of the of the RAR battalions’ involvement in Vietnam. An overview of the war is presented and lessons learnt identified.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Australia and the Vietnam War

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2007

ISBN: 1920720782

107 pages; includes CD and DVD.

Published as part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’; an educational resource for teachers.




DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – The Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 1996

ISBN: 0642250707

210 pages.

A Nominal Roll of Australian veterans and civilians who served in Vietnam.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Vietnam 1968 The Battle of Fire Support Bases: Coral/Balmoral

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2007

ISBN: 9781877007316

Bibliographical references; 45 pages.

Published as part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’; an educational resource for teachers.




ENGLISH, Michael C. – The Riflemen: The Unit History of 3RAR in Vietnam 1971

Australian Military History Publications, 1999

ISBN: 1876439548

Index, bibliography; 182 pages.

The story of 3 RAR’s last tour in Vietnam in 1971. It includes its preparation and operations. The contents of this book have been included in the author’s more recent publication Brave Lads (see below). Includes Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards and Nominal Roll.



ENGLISH, Michael C. – Brave Lads: The Unit History of 3RAR in Vietnam 1968 & 1971

Australian Military History Publications, 1999

ISBN 1876439548

Index, bibliography; 182 pages.

This book includes both tours of service in South Vietnam. In 1968 3RAR was based in Phuoc Tuy Province but also operated outside their area of operations as the need dictated.The unit fought in the Tet Offensive in early 1968 and later operated in the Long Hai hills where it sustained many casualties as a result of mines. In May-June that year, the battalion held off several determined enemy attacks at Fire Support Base Balmoral and, with the Australian military commitment at its height, the battalion continued its active patrolling and ambushing at a high level of activity. 1968 tour is covered as for the other 1991 publication (see above).Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards and Nominal Roll included.



ENGLISH, Michael – The Battle of Long Khanh: 3RAR Vietnam 1971

Army Doctrine Centre, Mossman NSW, 1995

ISBN: 064222266

Bibliography, 74 pages.

A former soldier writes about 3 RAR’s major battle in South Vietnam in 1971 Includes Honours and Awards, Roll of Honour.



FROST, Frank – Australia’s War in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1987

ISBN: 004355024X

Index, bibliography; 211 pages.

Offers a detailed account of the strategy, policies and experience of the Task Force which was based at Nui Dat in Phuoc Tuy Province from 1966 – 1971. All RAR battalions are mentioned.



GRANDIN, Bob (as told to) – The Battle of Long Tan

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2004

ISBN: 174114990

Index; 332 pages.

This is the first time those in direct command of D Coy have shared memories of the most significant battle fought by Australians in Vietnam. Awards included.



HALL, Robert A – Combat Battalion: The Eighth Battalion in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2000

ISBN: 1865082295

Index, bibliography; 308 pages.

Explores the life of Australian infantrymen in the Vietnam War by

focusing on the experience of the men of 8RAR during their tour of duty.



HAM, Paul – Vietnam: The Australian War

Harper Collins Publishers, Sydney, 2007

ISBN: 9780732282370

Index, bibliography, 814 pages.

Drawing on hundreds of accounts by soldiers, politicians, aid workers, entertainers and the Vietnamese people, the full history of our longest

campaign is reconstructed. Contains Roll of Honour, List of the Battalions and their commanders and the Australian Units involved in Vietnam. Roll of Honours included.



HAM, Paul – Vietnam: The Australian War: The Illustrated Edition

Harper Collins Publishers, Sydney, 2010

ABN: 36 009 913 517

Endnotes, index, bibliography, 812 pages.

Similar to the 2007 edition (see above); includes multiple Appendices with Honour Roll, RAR battalions and commanders, units in Vietnam. Most photographed war in history at the time.



HILLMAN, Robert – Australians at War: The Vietnam War

Binara Publishing Pty Ltd, Victoria, 2001

ISBN: 1863912703

Index, 32 pages.

This book explains the background to Australia’s role in the Vietnam War. It includes famous battles, the conditions the soldiers fought under, national service, the anti-war feeling in Australia during the war, as well as the ways we remember and honour those who served in the Vietnam War.



JOHNSON, Major L.D. (Editor) – 6RAR/ NZ (ANZAC) Battalion History 1967 – 1970

6RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion, 1972

ISBN: 0642943656

178 pages, and 25 maps.

Volume Two covers the period from 1967 to 1970 and includes the battalion’s second tour of South Vietnam. Includes an Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.



LAURENT, Rob – A Photographic record of 6 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) battalion 1969-70

Blue Flying Publishing, Highfields QLD, 2011

ISBM: 9780958192156

Index, photographs, maps; 200 pages.

Three of the Australian infantry battalions that served in Vietnam were ANZAC units, incorporating companies of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. This book tells the story of one such unit: 6RAR/​NZ (ANZAC) Battalion. Also available in DVD.



LEWIS, Stephen – My Vietnam: Photographs by Australian Veterans of the Vietnam Conflict

My Vietnam Trust, Adelaide, 2002

ISBN: 0957970803

Colour illustrations, maps; 197 pages.

A pictorial presentation of the Vietnam War as seen through the cameras, and personal collections of over 80 Australian Vietnam veterans. It reflects the lighter moments of comradeship, on-battle activities, the Vietnamese people and during R & R leave.



McAULAY, Lex – Contact: Australians in Vietnam

Century Hutchinson, Milsons Point NSW, 1989

ISBN: 0 09 169490 6

147 pages.

The dramatic pictorial history of what those years were really like for Australian service personnel – in the field and behind the lines. We see the preparation for battle, scenes from forward command positions; and the aftermath, when the guns had finished firing. We see where they had to fight – the hills and the paddy fields, the jungle and the mud. Roll of Honour and Record of Operations included.



McAULAY, Lex – The Fighting First: Combat Operations in Vietnam 1968-69: The First Battalion, The Royal Australia Regiment

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1991

ISBN: 0044422199

Index; 293 pages.

The story of the second tour to Vietnam of 1RAR and includes the savage battle of Fire Support Base ‘Coral’ in May 1968. Includes Roll of Honour, Nominal Roll and Honours and Awards.



McAULAY, Lex – The Battle of Coral Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral May 1968

Century Hutchinson, Australia, 1988

ISBN: 0091690900

Index and Sources; 361 pages.

An absorbing account of the biggest direct unit-level battle involving Australian forces in Vietnam.



McKAY, Gary – Australia’s Battlefields in Vietnam: A traveller’s guide

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2003

ISBN: 1865088234

Bib ID: 190716

Index, Bibliography; 218 pages.

An essential guide to the battlefields of Vietnam for today’s traveller. Provides practical tips on how to get to each site, what to look for and how to avoid the pitfalls of travelling through Vietnam.



McKAY, Gary & STEWART, Elizabeth – Viet Nam Shots: Photographic Account of Australians At War

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2002

ISBN: 1865085413

Index, bibliography, illustrations, maps; 199 pages.

Contains photographs and text pertinent to the RAR, and coverage of Australia’s involvement on the battlefield and more broadly on the home front.


McLEAN-WILLIAMS, Capt Iain – Vietnam: A Pictorial History of the Sixth Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment

Printcraft Press, Australia, 1967

ISBN – none

BIB ID: 2108841

136 pages.

Covers 6RAR’s first tour of Vietnam from June 1966 to June 1967. Includes a Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards, but no Nominal Roll.


MILITARY BOARD, Army Headquarters Canberra – Pocket Book, South Vietnam

Commonwealth Government Printers, Canberra


66 pages.

Designed to be issued to every soldier going to South Vietnam. It provides some information on the history, geography, government, people, armed services, the enemy, language and other useful information.


NEWMAN, MAJ K.E. (Editor) – The Anzac Battalion in SVN 1967-1968

A record of the tour of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

1st Battalion, The Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

(The Anzac Battalion) in South Vietnam 1967-68 Volumes I & II

Printcraft Press, Australia, 1968


National Library of Australia Registry Number: 68-2213

Index, 175 pages. Two volumes issued in a case.

The account of 2RAR’s first tour of South Vietnam which includes a Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour and a pictorial record of events. Volume II comprises the maps (marked) of the operations conducted.


O’BRIEN, Michael – Conscripts and Regulars with the Seventh Battalion in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Australia, 1995

ISBN: 186373967X

Indexes, bibliography; 311 pages.

A history of 7RAR and its two tours of duty in Vietnam during 1965 and 1973. Includes a Roll of Honour and a list of Honours and Awards.


O’NEILL, Robert J. – Vietnam Task: The 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment 1966-67

Cassell, Melbourne, 1968

National Library Registration No: 68-331

Index; 256 pages.

Covers the first tour in Vietnam of 5RAR from May 1966; largely compiled during that tour. Includes a Roll of Honour,


PALAZZO, Albert – Australian Military Operations in Vietnam

Australian Army History Unit, Canberra, 2006

ISBN: 1876439106

Index, bibliography; 173 pages plus a DVD.

Highlights some of the successes and failures of the generation of officers who fought in Vietnam for the benefit of today’s and future leaders.


PICKEN, Bruce – Viet Nam Diggers’ Language: Abbreviations, Acronyms, Terms and Jargon of the Viet Nam War

Australian Military History Productions, Loftus VIC, 2006

ISBN: 9781876439583

Illustrations, maps; 212 pages.

Focuses on the Vietnam War era but most of the references therein still apply today. Also provides valuable background information on all combatants in the war, and includes the RAR battalions’ tour dates.


ROBERTS, A.R. Major (Editor) – The Anzac Battalion 1970-71 (2RAR)

Printcraft Press, Sydney, 1972 (Reprinted 2009)

ISBN: 085581019X

Photographs, maps; 176 pages.

Pictorial coverage with maps and commentary of the battalion’s second tour of Vietnam, including Honours and Awards, Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.


ROBERTS, A.R. Major (Editor) – The Anzac Battalion 1970-71 (2RAR)

Printcraft Press, Sydney, 2009

ISBN: 085581019X

Photographs, two large folding maps; 176 pages.

Updated version of the 1972 pictorial coverage with maps and commentary of the battalion’s second tour of Vietnam. including Honours and Awards, Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.


RODERICK TW, BURGESS CE, BRETZKE, GE – Stass Star: B Company 4RAR South Vietnam May – Dec 1971

Printcraft Press, Brookvale NSW

ISBN: unknown

32 pages.

A pictorial coverage of B Coy 4RAR’s tour in Vietnam within the full battalion setting from May – Dec 71. Nominal Roll of B Coy included.


ROWE, John – Australians At War: Vietnam the Australian Experience

Time-Life Books Australia (in association with John Ferguson), Sydney, 1987

ISBN: 0949118079

Index, bibliography and 168 pages.

Most aspects of the conflict are addressed, including the advisers, the regulars, the nashos, dissent following the Tet Offensive, and the final phase of Australia’s involvement. Good photography and diagrams of some of the main small arms and armoured fighting vehicle armaments.


SAYCE, R.L & O’NEILL M.D (co-editors assisted by PTE A Gaton) – The Fighting Fourth

Printcraft Press Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1972

ISBN: 0855810203

Maps, 208 pages.

A pictorial record of 4 RAR/NZ (Anzac) Battalion second tour of Vietnam 1971-1972. Includes an Honours and Awards list, Honour Roll, Nominal Roll.



Source details TBA

This source provides a list arranged in chronological sequence and includes such details as numbers, name, rank, unit, corps, type of casualty and some other details.


SMITH, Neil – 8th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, Fatal and Non Fatal Casualty List South Vietnam 1969-70

Mostly Unsung Military History, Brighton, VIC, 2012


No index, 8 pages.

An alphabetical list of all casualties by type suffered by 8RAR on their tour of South Vietnam. Is stated to include 165 more people than previously published.


STUART, R.F. Major (Editor) – 3RAR in South Vietnam 1967-1968

Printcraft Press, Sydney, 1968

Bibliography ID NLA: 1141659

Photographs, maps; 104 pages.

A pictorial, maps and commentary, record of the battalion’s tour in South Vietnam 12 December 1967 – 20 November 1968. Honours and awards list, Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.


TAYLOR, Jerry – Last Out: 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion’s second tour in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2001

ISBN: 1865085618

Index, bibliography; 270 pages.

The story of the training and preparation for war and the deployment of 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion, and the Australian and New Zealanders who made up this outstanding infantry battalion in 1970-71.


VICKERY B, HOEBEE B, DANIELS T, DALY B, SUTHERLAND B and TATE, D – 9th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment: “Proud to Serve”: A Historical Tribute to those who served in the Battalion.

9 RAR Association, 2006

ISBN: 0646462946

Index, bibliography; 292 pages.

The final chapter in the short but proud history of 9 RAR. It provides a historical sketch of the Battalion after its return from South Vietnam at the end of 1969 until its colours were laid up and the Battalion removed from the ORBAT in 1973. Contains reflections from Commanding Officers John Essex-Clark and Eric Philip, and a nominal roll for 1970-1973.


WALCH, Martin – The Battle of Long Tan: Facts Sheet.

Red Dunne Films, 2006


Small publication prepared for a documentary film that was screened on the History Channel Foxtel and Austar on 16 August 2006.


WEBB, J.R. Lieutenant RNZIR (Editor) – Mission in Vietnam: The Tour in South Vietnam of 4RAR/NZ (Anzac)Battalion and 104 Field Battery, June 1968-May 1969

4th Battalion RAR Association, Times Printers Singapore, 1969

ISBN: Unknown

BIB NO NLA: 835347

Photographs, maps; 130 pages.

A pictorial with maps and commentary of the Battalion’s first tour in Vietnam. Includes Honours and Awards (including citations), Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.


WEBSTER, David and ELLIS, Ross – Through A Soldier’s Lens: 7RAR The Two Tours In Vietnam 1967-68 & 1970-71

Pirion, Canberra, 2004

ISBN: 0646441574

365 pages.

Pictorial of both of 7RAR’s tours. Nominal Roll for both tours, Roll of Honour included.


WELCH Captain Nick, assisted by HERBERT Lt Mark, STEVENS Lt Mark, STRUDWICK Lt Grant –A History of The Sixth Battalion The Royal

Australian Regiment 1965-85

Cardinal Business Services, Brisbane, 1986

ISBN: 1862523649

Operational maps, 208 pages.

The story of 6RAR for the period 1965-85. Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards included.



WINDSOR, Gerard – All Day Long The Noise Of Battle, An Australian attack in Vietnam

Pier 9, Millers Point NSW, 2011

ISBN: 9781741969184 (pbk)

254 pages.

During the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in February 1968 an Australian infantry company assaulted a North Vietnamese bunker complex. In the longest sustained attack fought by Australians during the Vietnam War the soldiers went forward again and again over three days. Yet the battle passed without any notice in Australia. Partial roll of those involved.





(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)




2 RAR Production Team – Battle Group “Samichon” 2008
Regal Printing, ???, 2008
ISBN: 978-988-98764-1-8

Size TBA.
A record of 2RAR Battle Group Samichon in Timor Leste from Oct 07 to Apr 08 on “Operation Astute”.


BREEN, Bob – A Little Bit Of Hope: Australian Force Somalia

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1998

ISBN: 186448702X

Index, bibliography; 499 pages.

This is an objective analysis of the Australian Operation in Somalia – the decisions, the factors and events that led to its successes and to its frustrations and failures. The lessons learned from this operation will be invaluable to those who are involved in peacekeeping operations in the future. Includes Honours and Awards, Nominal Roll and images.


BREEN, Bob (text) & RAMAGE, Gary (photographs) – Through Aussie Eyes

Defence Public Relations, Canberra, 1994

ISBN: 0642200971

Bib ID: 4326690

150 pages.

Covers 1RAR service in Somalia from Jan-May 1993 engaged in Operation Restore Hope 1992-93.


 BREEN, Bob – Mission Accomplished: East Timor: the Australian Defence Force participation in the International Forces East Timor (INTERFET)


Allen & Unwin Sydney, Australia, 2000

ISBN: 1865084980

Index, 226 pages.

Covers 2RAR, 3RAR and 5/7RAR operations in East Timor with INTERFET from Sep 99 to Feb 2000.


CAMPBELL, Major Brian (Editor) – 4RAR BN GP in East Timor OP Tanager

Success Print, Bayswater WA, 2001

ISBN: 0646499025

206 pages.

Comprises the stories of the men and women who served with the 4th Battalion Group during Operation TANAGER, Rotation Four, from 16 Apr to 26 Oct 01. Nominal Roll included.


CARTER, Duncan Andrew –Timor Blue – AUSBATT VIII 1 RAR Battalion Group Operation Citadel East Timor 2003

1 RAR, Townsville, 2003

ISBN: Nil.

100 pages.

A record of the 1 RAR battalion group known as AUSTBATT VIII, in East Timor.


FERNDALE Major Steven (Editor) – Operation Lorosae: A record of 1ST Battalion Group Operation in East Timor Oct 2000- Apr 2001.

Publishing Services, Loftus, 2001

ISBN: 1870439440

206 pages.

Tour of duty described in detail including operations orders and reports, soldiers’ perspectives and those of families back home are included.


GOOD, Captain Dave (Editor) – Back to the Border: 2nd Battalion Group in East Timor

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2004

ISBN: 174114 0080

Index; 286 pages.

From October 2001 to April 2002, members of the 2nd Battalion Group served in the Bobonaro District of East Timor as part of the UN Transitional

Administration. This is an historical and pictorial record of the 2RAR’s time in East Timor, and draws on the memories of those who served.


HORNER, David, LONDEY, Peter & BOU, Jean, (Editors) – Australian Peacekeeping: Sixty Years in the Field

Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 2009

ISBN: 978 0 521 73592 6 (pbk)

Index; 331 pages.

In the last 60 years, between 30,000 and 40,000 Australian military personnel and police have served in more than 50 peacekeeping missions over 27 different conflicts. This publication provides an explanation of what occurred on each mission and, except for two occasions where it does not identify the regimental details of the participating units, it identifies the acronym used.


Operation Solace 1 Operation Study Team Papers

Source data TBA


A unit publication, covering the period December 92 until June 93, the period of Operation Solace 1. The aim of the paper was to examine operational aspects of Solace with a view to identifying key issues and lessons learned.


STOCKING, Craig (Editor) – Paratroops and Peacekeepers: 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, East Timor 1999-2000

3 RAR, Sydney, 2000


OCLC Number: 224442539

152 pages.

This pictorial publication is produced as a memento for 3 RAR soldiers. The content is based on unit operational and soldiers recollections and does not necessarily present Department of Defence official policies or perspectives. Nominal Roll, Honours and Awards included.




IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


8/9 RAR – Mentoring Task Force Four Afghanistan 2012

8/9 RAR, Self-published, 2013


No index or other identifiers, all coloured photographs; approx. 130 pages.

Mentoring Task Force Four (MTF 4) was the last battle group to carry out such duties in Afghanistan. Based on 8/9 RAR and commanded by CO 8/9 RAR LTCOL Kahlil Fegan, MTF 4 numbered over 800 personnel including foreign attachments. This book is best described as a photographic record of their tour of duty, including nominal rolls by Mentor Teams (company sized groups). There are no other data or information at all, not even a date of publication or cognisance of who compiled this visually impressive record.


CONNOLLY, Colonel Peter – Counterinsurgency in Uruzgan 2009

Land Warfare Studies Centre, Canberra, 2011

ISBN: 9780642297433 (pbk)

Index, notes identifying reference material, glossary of terms and acronyms, maps and photos, 80 pages.

There are several references to RAR units which were part of MRTF-2. The publication examines the requirements of counter insurgency operations in the modern era, in this instance the second half of 2009 in Afghanistan.



THIRKILL, Julian Major (compiler) – Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force 2: June 2009- February 2010

MRTF 2 Defence Publishing Service, Canberra, 2010


254 pages.

Text, maps and photographs of 1 RAR’s deployment to Afghanistan on Operation Slipper. Includes Nominal Roll.



Unit author – War in the Valleys – 7th Battalion Battle Group (MRTF-1) Afghanistan October 2008 to June 2009

Mesh Publishing, Melbourne, 2011

ISBN: 0646564110, 9780646564111

Coloured photos and maps, 144 pages.

A record of the Battalion tour of duty in Afghanistan and details its organization and operations for the period; includes detail of those other units in support. Nominal Roll included.

This different edition appears to have been created first.



Unit author – War in the Valleys – 7th Battalion Battle Group (MRTF-1) Afghanistan October 2008 to June 2009

Ryter Publishing, Melbourne, 2012

ISBN: 9780 646 56411 1

120 pages.

A record of the Battalion tour of duty in Afghanistan and details its organization and operations for the period; includes detail of those other units in support. Nominal Roll included. This different edition appears to have been created shortly after the first (above).




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)



Nil entry