Craig Hannan

  Places of pain, sorrow, blood and death by foot by sea and air they come to fight and die not for glory our sons. In tropic sweat on desert sand in rain and snow on any land by day and night in rain they’ll wait for enemy to come an uncertain fate.   In […]

  The sun cracks through the windows four days no sleep, body weary mind still racing. Can’t close my eyes horrible things taunt me; Things seen and done where have these thirty years gone. Lost in anger, rage, self loathing and fear ripped from a soul happiness, love, humour, warmth and generosity cast aside, I […]

“What have you seen my son and what is that look in your eyes? ” “Nothing;” Why do you ask this of me mother you turn away when I speak of it.   “What have you seen my lover and what is that look in your eyes?” “Nothing;” Why do you ask this of me […]

  I shared a beer with a man I barely knew we seemed to know, after a time he said “I see in your eyes you have been there.” I replied harshly, ” I have been nowhere”, he laughed a while and went quiet saying, “I have been there too.”   After another few he […]

Thanks to Craig Hannan 8/9 RAR for this latest contribution.