A Soldier


Places of pain, sorrow, blood and death by foot by sea and air they come to fight and die not for glory our sons. In tropic sweat on desert sand in rain and snow on any land by day and night in rain they’ll wait for enemy to come an uncertain fate.


In assault they stand a line so thin between life and death and none will win. Now and then one will ask a mate to stay, till death the task. Joining again to push their fate for family and friend but mostly mate. Fear in heart and steel at hand the battle rages hand to hand an uncertain fate.


Death will call to some, to few, to many and all when some will cry, some will pray at battles end the dead will lay. Torn at heart and soul flayed bare they mourn the loss but this they bear. In fear and shock bury their mates then move along to uncertain fate.


At home no peace will find them here alone again they stand in fear torn away from all held dear. Cast again to uncertain fate with mind so full of rage and hate for land and friend but not of mates who stood the line for an uncertain fate.

Craig Hannan 2007

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