SBS Insight Tuesday, August 15, 2017 – 20:30 Are our soldiers equipped for the transition to everyday life? This week, Insight speaks with veterans to see how prepared they were for civilian life and what can be done to make it easier. READ MORE

A KEY factor in New Zealand’s defensive posture is its geographic isolation. While Australia’s air-sea gap from potential aggressors has also been cited as a key defensive asset, that gap has become less reassuring. Pundits are speculating whether rogue Marxist state North Korea’s latest rocket technology could deliver nuclear weapons to Australia. How far that […]

IT was a travesty narrowly avoided — an ex-soldier estranged from his family who had taken his own life almost ending up in a pauper’s grave because no one would pay for his funeral. That was until Perth-based charity Bravery Trust stepped in to ensure this man — who had served his country, but like many others […]

ONLY someone who has attempted to take a large bone from a small terrier understands the fury it can generate. Multiply that by several terriers and bones and the fury increases exponentially. Larger dogs usually, but not always, tend to be less possessive, particularly if they have taken control of all the bones. Australia’s state […]

A trip down memory lane for those who sailed on the HMAS SYDNEY. In this case 8 RAR forward and 9 RAR return.

Any death by suicide is tragic. Defence is committed to increasing our understanding of this issue so that we can continue to improve the support services available to our people. Most importantly, we need to help those who are suffering to understand that support is available to them – they do not need to suffer […]

The vast majority of Australian Defence Force personnel believes the Muslim religion promotes ­violence and terrorism, despite “cultural sensitivity training” by the ADF to have its soldiers take the view that Islam is a religion of peace. The bombshell new study sponsored by the army finds that such “anti-Muslim sentiments” are “probably quite widespread” among […]

By Ian McPhedran National defence writer : News Corp Australia Network August 25, 2015 10:00PM click here for full article Australian Iraq war veteran Angus Sim on duty in Iraq. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied AN unofficial survey by an East Timor and Iraq War veteran flatly contradicts an official $174,500 taxpayer-funded survey by the Department of Veterans Affairs […]

AUSTRALIA’S top soldier has voiced the anger of his troops at the assassination of three Diggers by a rogue Afghan soldier, branding it “murder” at a time when the men were defenceless. Chief of the Army Lieutenant General David Morrison spoke out as bereaved family members joined military top brass, representatives and members of the […]

TOWNSVILLE based soldiers are now training and mentoring the Afghan National Army’s 4th Brigade, 205 Hero Corps after a recent Transfer of Authority ceremony in Tarin Kot. A mentoring task force based on the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, have replaced approximately 730 Brisbane-based personnel from 8th/9th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (8/9 RAR), who have […]