– Bill Charlton

Gibraltar Bunker, Pozieres August 1916 (courtesy Wikipedia) POZIERES* The Australians stormed the trenches in the town of Pozieres. They wrested it from the Germans, who had claimed the ground as theirs. But the enemy knew the lay of the land, and where each trench was set, So they poured in high explosive shells, from the […]

  FIRE SUPPORT BASE ‘ CORAL’ From late May 1968 , the 1st and 3rd Battalions of the Royal  Australian Regiment, with 102 Field Battery and 161 Field Battery RNZA fought a series of battles from the Fire Support Bases of ‘Coral’ and ‘Balmoral’ against a formidable force of North Vietnamese soldiers. Some of the […]

TWO POEMS  IN MEMORY OF PAUL LARGE   This photo reminds me of the terrible cost, When a young digger’s life is suddenly lost. Captured in time drinking from his canteen. As moving a photograph as I’ve ever seen. For young Paul was killed at the Battle of Long Tan. Facing the enemy as he […]