This Part contains sources of reference to the RAR by other Australian Defence Force Services, non-Infantry Corps of the Australian Army, and non-military eg Police, Border Security and others. Foreign (non-Australian) sources are contained in Part 5.


ALLSOP, Nigel – Australian War Dogs: The Story of Four-legged Diggers

New Holland Publishers, Sydney, 2017

ISBN: 9781742579672

Index, 189 pages.

The authors colludes with other dog handlers from Army and Air Forces to present this history. Primarily written from the perspective of engineers using dogs as explosives locators, the book does refer to RAR battalions supported with such canine skills, as well as the RAR’s use of dogs as trackers from Malaya onwards. Includes a section on RAAF dog use.


AYLIFFE, Keith & POSNER, John – Tracks of the Dragon: A History of Australian Locating Artillery

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2004

ISBN: 1876439769

ISBN:   9781876439767

Index, bibliography; 340 pages.

A history of locating enemy artillery by the Australian armed forces, history of skills and equipment, locating units and locators since WW I. Sound-Ranging was then developed to detect enemy weapons and ‘target acquisition’ was born. No longer was there a reliance on the human eye to locate enemy guns and mortars. In an attempt to neutralise the enemy’s indirect-fire weapons, tactics and technology have changed dramatically since those early days. By the Vietnam War, radar was in use. Locating artillery had an important role in the battles fought by Australian RAR battalions that featured enemy indirect fire attack.


BURKE, Arthur – 105th Battery Royal Australian Regiment – a concise history

Arthur Burke, Brisbane, 2005

ISBN: 0-9750369-1-5

Abbreviations; 48 pages.

Author served with this unit including as its commander. The history primarily records the battery’s history and in so doing refers to the battalions of the RAR in which it fired in support in Malaya  and Vietnam, and back in Australia when not operationally deployed. Several major engagements are described.


COLLINS, Peter (Editor) – Strike Swiftly: The Australian Commando Story

The Watermark Press, Sydney, 2005

ISBN: 094928470X

Index, bibliography, 323 pages

The story of the development of Commando units in the Australian Army, covering from World War II to the present. Includes a chapter on the conversion of 4 RAR from a light infantry battalion to a commando regiment.


CUBIS, Richmond – A History of ‘A’ Battery: New South Wales Artillery (1871-1899) Royal Australian Artillery (1899-1971)

Elizabethan Press, Sydney, 1978

ISBN: 855510129

Index, bibliography; 335 pages.

A detailed history of the Battery with mentions of the RAR to whom they provided support in Korea and then the various SE Asian conflicts.


DOOLAN, Ken: HMAS Tobruk: Warship for Every Crisis

Grinkle Press, Queanbeyan, 2007

ISBN: 0980282101

Index, bibliography, b&w photos; 157pp.

Covers 25 years of HMAS Tobruk’s service in the Royal Australian Navy. Includes support to several deployments of RAR units and personnel including Operation Solace – Somalia 1993, Operation Bel Isi – Bougainville, Operations Warden and Stabilise – East Timor, Operations Plumbob and Trek – The Solomons, as well as other exercise and operational deployments in support of ADF-wide endeavours. Many RAR members will have memories of traveling on or being supported by this ship over the years.


DAVIES, Bruce & McKAY, Gary – The Men Who Perserved: AATTV

Allen & Unwin Australia, Sydney, 2005

ISBN: 1741148316

Index, bibliography, 418 pages.

Includes Nominal Roll and Foreign Awards to members of the AATTV 1962-72. The most highly decorated unit of the Vietnam War. Some references to the RAR battalions.


DUNN, J B ‘Lofty’ – Eagles Alighting

Impact Printing, Hawthorn VIC, 1999

ISBN: 0646373234

Index, bibliography; 320 pages.

A history of the 1st Australian Parachute Battalion also including an outline of the Parachute Training School and 3 RAR (Parachute).


EVANS, Air Marshal David – War: A matter of principles

Palgrave Macmillan, 1997

ISBN-10: 0333699165

ISBN-13: 978-0333699164

Index, bibliography; 183 pages.

Among a review of the principles of warfare in recent times, this book contains a brief account in Korea and Vietnam of the RAR’s activities relative to the use of surprise. One of several in the RUSI Defence Studies series.


GREVILLE, Brigadier P.J. CBE, BE – The Royal Australian Engineers 1945 to 1972 – Paving the Way: The 4th volume of the history of the Royal Australian Engineers

Publishing Services Loftus Australia, Canberra, 2002

ISBN 10: 0959687106

ISBN 13: 9780959687101

Index, 978 pages.

One of a four Volume set produced by the Corps Committee of the royal Australian engineers, it describes the events of the years 1945 to 1972, the end of the Corps’ involvement in the Vietnam War, and covers the various activities of the Corps throughout the period in some detail. All nine RAR Battalions of the time are mentioned throughout.


GREY, Jeffery – Up Top: The Royal Australian Navy and Southeast Asian Conflicts 1955-1972

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Sydney, 1998

ISBN: 1864482907

Index, bibliography; 380 pages.

One of the Official History Series, the book includes information of RAN support to 1ATF and Battalions of the RAR in South Vietnam. Roll of Honour, Honours and awards to RAN personnel (all campaigns) are included.


HORNER, D. M. – The Gunners: A History of Australian Artillery

Allen & Unwin Australia, St Leonards NSW, 1995

ISBN: 1863739173

Index, bibliography; 564 pages.

All Battalions of the Regiment are mentioned in this classic coverage of the Australian Artillery over time up to the date of publication.


HORNER, D.M. – SAS: Phantoms of War

Allen & Unwin Australia, St Leonards NSW, 1989

ISBN: 0045200068

Index, bibliography; 527 pages.

All Battalions of the Regiment feature in this history of the SASR.


LAKIN, Shaune – Contact – Photographs from the Australian War Memorial Collection

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2006

ISBN: 0975190466

Index, bibliographical references; 283 pages.

The first authoritative survey of the Australian War Memorial’s photographic collection, and of the history of Australian war photography more broadly. These photographs are reproduced alongside a detailed discussion of the history of Australian war photography and the Memorial’s photographic collection. The RAR is represented.


LINDSAY, Neville – Equal to the Task: Volume 1 The Royal Australian Army Service Corps

Historia Productions Australia, Kenmore QLD, 1992

ISBN: 0646067079

Index, bibliography; 511 pages.

Some Battalions are briefly mentioned in relation to the support provided by them by the RAASC.


MACDOUGALL, Anthony Keith – Australians at War: A Pictorial History

Five Mile Press, Victoria, 2007

ISBN: 9781741789577

Index, bibliography; 368 pages.

Australians have fought in overseas wars for more than a century. This new edition brings their remarkable story up to date and includes an account of recent operations in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. Eleven editions were published between 2002 and 2007; expect more.


MALONE, M. J. – SAS Rendezvous

Imprimatur Books, xxxx, 2007

ISBN: 1 9210 3698 2

248 pages includes index.

Mentions the RAR Battalions. Jubilee Edition.


 MALONE, M. J. (Editor) – SAS Pictorial History of the Australian Special Air Service 1957-1997

Access Press, xxxx, 1997

ISBN: 0864451148

Index; 416 pages,

Includes pictures of RAR activities over several conflicts.


 McCARTHY, Dayton – The Once and Future Army: A History of the CMF, 1947-1974

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2003

ISBN: 0195515692  

Index, bibliography; 303 pages.

This post-WW II history addresses the Citizen Military Forces (CMF), the predecessor to today’s Army Reserve. Once numerically superior to the Australian Regular Army, it was the predominant component of the Army until the changing nature of warfare led to the dominant use of professional soldiers posted to fulltime units. This book illustrates its organization, role and social composition along with the rivalry with the Regular Army, and unfortunate development in an Army that is comprised of all natures of service to fulfil its role.


McCULLAGH, Catherine – Willingly into the Fray: One Hundred Years of Australian Army Nursing

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2010

ISBN: 9780980658262

Index, bibliography; 496 pages.

A journey through the lives of Army nurses from the early days of 1899 to modern times. Some more recent activities of the RAR are included in the later chapters which deal with deployments in which the RAR has served.


McPHEDRAN, Ian – The Amazing SAS: the inside story of Australia’s special forces (also titled Amazing Special Air Service)

Harper Collins, Sydney, 2007

ISBN 9780732279844 & 073227984

Index; 382 pages.

A coverage of the SASR, including references to RAR battalions and individuals.


NELSON Robert, MARGAN Frank, BREEN Peter, REID Stuart, EVANS David, – A Pictorial History of Australians at War

Paul Hamlyn Australia, Sydney, 1970

ISBN: 0600369560

Pictorial; 323 pages.

Provides an overview in commentary and pictures of all conflicts involving Australia up to Vietnam in 1970.


NELSON Robert, MARGAN Frank, BREEN Peter, REID Stuart, EVANS David, – A Pictorial History of Australians at War

Paul Hamlyn Australia, Sydney, 1980

ISBN: 072710439X

Pictorial; 323 pages.

An updated coverage of Australians at War from 1885 onward.


O’CONNOR, John – Australian Airborne: the history and insignia of Australian military parachuting

John O’Connor, Kingsgrove NSW, 2005

ISBN: 095742117

Maps, index, bibliography; 440 pages.

Includes coverage of Airborne Platoon RAR; 3RAR, 4RAR (Commando) and D Coy 6RAR.


ODGERS, George – Across the Parallel – Korean air War

William Heineman Ltd, Melbourne, 1952


Index, illustrated; 239 pages.

A RAAF account of Australia’s 77th Squadron’s role in the war. Refers to 3 RAR and the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade to whom they rendered close air support. Odgers later authored the RAAF Official History of the war against Japan.


ODGERS, George – Diggers: The Australian Army, Navy and Air Force in Eleven Wars from 1860 to 1994

Lansdowne, Sydney, 1994

ISBN: 1863023879 (vol 2)

Index, Roll of Honour for VC Winners; 543 pages

Covers all the post-WWII campaigns to the date of publication.


ODGERS, George- 100 Years of Australians At War

New Holland Publishers Australia, French’s Forest NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1864367636

Index; 400 pages.

Revised and updated version of “Diggers”. Covers the involvement of Australians in conflicts from the Boer War to the First Gulf War and also covers Australia’s continuing rise as a keeper of the peace under the auspices of the United Nations. Several editions, including 2003.


PALAZZO, Albert – Defenders of Australia: The Third Australian Division – Citizen Soldiers in the Service of Australia

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2002

ISBN: 1876439033

Index, bibliography, list of tables; 245 pages.

Detailed study which connects the CMF/ARES members of the 3rd Division (a prominently Reserve Division since WW II) to the Royal Australian Regiment when ex-citizen soldiers served in the RAR battalions, including overseas.


STEPHENS, Alan – The Royal Australian Air Force: The Australian Centenary History of Defence Volume II

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 0 19 554115 4

Interviews, Select Bibliography, Chapter Notes, Index; 340 pages.

This volume in The Australian Centenary History of Defence series of seven volumes provides data on the RAAF. While it does not mention the RAR, it includes data on all of the RAAF assets that have supported or transported RAR members from the Occupation of Japan onwards. It includes a section on Air Base Butterworth which RAR battalions sometimes moved through and at which where RAAF units were based and protected non-stop by RAR and other rifle company groups from 1970 to 1989 during the Communist Insurgency. Useful background to RAR operations studies.


STEVENS, David – The Royal Australian Navy: The Australian Centenary History of Defence Volume III

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 0 19 554116 2

Foldout ship’s diagrams, Notes, Appendices, Further reading, Index; 336 pages.

This volume in The Australian Centenary History of Defence series of seven volumes provides data on the RAN. While it does not mention the RAR, all members of the RAR who have been transported to, from or during exercises and deployments will find the fold out cutaway diagrams of those vessels a unique and interesting source of visual information. Sections on supply and naval support are also covered in a manner that Army publications do not. Useful background to RAR operations.


VADER, John – ANZAC: The Story of the Anzac Soldier

New English Library, London, 1970

ISBN: 0450006727

127 pages.

The Regiment appears in the latter pages of this book which is a useful overview of the Australian soldier, primarily Infantry, who created the legend of the ANZACs which is in part continued by members of the Royal Australian Regiment.




HURST, Doug – The Forgotten Few: 77 RAAF Squadron in Korea 1950-53

Allen & Unwin Australia, Crows Nest NSW, 2008

ISBN 9781741755008

Index, maps; 256 pages.

The story of the men of the RAAF’s No 77 fighter squadron, the only RAAF squadron to take part in the Korean War, initially with propeller-driven WW II vintage Mustangs which were replaced by Meteor jet fighters when the Chinese, with their MiG 15s, entered the war. Support to ground troops including the three RAR battalions in Korea is mentioned.


SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


SMITH, Alan H – GUNNERS IN BORNEO – Artillery During Confrontation 1962-66

Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company, Manly NSW, 2008

ISBN: 9780980393309                                

Index, illustrations, maps; 184 pages.

Covers the onset of Indonesian confrontation with Malaysia in 1961 and the subsequent military reaction by the security forces (British Commonwealth) to stop that insurgency war spreading to Kalimantan, Sabah and Brunei in North Borneo, and Malaya/Singapore up to cessation of hostilities in 1966. The main theme covers the role of artillery (field and locating branches) in supporting RAR infantry patrols and guarding borders with Indonesia.


VIETNAM 1962-75


ANDERSON, Paul – When the Scorpion Stings: The History of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Vietnam, 1965 -1972

Allen & Unwin Australia, Crows Nest NSW, 2002

ISBN: 9781865087436

Index; 318 pages.

3 Cavalry Regiment was the first unit involved in the establishment of 1 ATF at Nui Dat and the last to leave. RAR Battalions are mentioned. Nominal Roll included for 3 Cav Regt troops.


AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL – Impressions Australians in Vietnam

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1997

ISBN: 0642280592

24 pages.

Educational notes for teachers and students on the Vietnam War. The RAR is



BATE, Ray – Military PoliceThe First in South Vietnam May 1965

Raymond Bate, Isle of Capri QLD, 2007

ISBN: 9780949749857

Maps, bibliography; 38 pages.

Covers the 1st Australian MP Section in South Vietnam from May 1965 to May 1966. Often regarded as “the other enemy” by the RAR, but in aside from disciplinary support tasks, their duties in protection support was vital.


BIEDERMANN, Narelle – Tears on My Pillow: Australian Nurses in Vietnam

Random House Australia, Sydney, 2004

ISBN: 1740511999

Index, 250 pages.

43 Australian Army nursing sisters served in South Vietnam between April 1967 and November 1971 for up to 12 months. The RAR is not directly mentioned however the great majority of casualties treated, and the reason why the nurses were deployed to South Vietnam was the RAR. The story provides a ‘behind the scenes’ aspect to the care of those who became casualties. RAR members married some of these nurses. Nominal Roll of nurses.


BRADFORD, David – The Gunner’s Doctor: Vietnam Letters

Random House Australia, North Sydney, 2007

ISBN: 978 1 74166 470 6

Glossary: 313 pages.

Author’s recounting of his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968-9 where he served as a doctor. Based on his letters home and kept by his mother, the author recounts multiple references to the RAR battalions which comprised the bulk of the combat troops deployed.


BRAYLEY, Annabelle – Our Vietnam Nurses

Penguin House, Australia, 2016

ISBN: 9780143797029

Maps, photographs, 320 pp.

A history which pays totally deserved tribute to the nurses of the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps who served in Vietnam tending the wounded and ill soldiers, primarily RAR members. RAR members feature in the book and are identifiable in several photographs. Most battalions also mentioned.


BROWN Malcolm, MacGLADRIE, Stuart & SUTTON, Candice – Your Leaving Tomorrow – Conscripts and Correspondents Caught up in the Vietnam War

Random House Australia, Sydney, 2007

ISBN: 9781741665819

Maps; 208 pages.

Anti-war story based on the experiences of conscripts and the media covering the war in South Vietnam. Some mention of 1 RAR and 5 RAR, with pictures of 1 RAR.


CAMERON, Bruce – Canister! On! Fire!

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW, 2012

ISBN 978192119411993 (hbk) Vol 1 & Vol 2

Vol 1 – Index, 541 pages

Vol 2 – Index, Nominal Roll, bibliography, 377 pages

Two volume book, featuring the liberal use of maps and photographs to help tell the story of Squadrons of the 1st Armoured Regiment fighting their own battle or in support of the RAR battalions they supported. An extensive and very detailed history with numerous individuals and units identified.


CAMERON, Martin – A Look at the Bright Side

Detail Printing, Richmond VIC, 1988

ISBN: 0731642376

100 pages.

Derisive humour based on flippant ridicule of the reasons for the war. There were two choices in Vietnam – laugh or cry. According to this book, the Aussie soldiers did both as they coped. The RAR is represented.


CAMPBELL, Colin –  More Bang for No Bucks – self-propelled artillery used by Australian cavalry in Vietnam 1967-68

Publisher TBA

ISBN:     978-0-9870720-0-9

Index, 24 pages of colour photographs; 116 pages.

This book describes the unique story of armoured, artillery and infantry soldiers drawn together in Vietnam in 1967-68 to form 6 Troop, A Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment. The Troop served in six M108 self-propelled howitzers, loaned at no cost from the US Army and primarily provided defensive fire support at Nui Dat.


CARROLL, JR – Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Royal Australian Navy in Vietnam 1965-1972

Rosenberg Publishing, Dural NSW, 2013

ISBN: 9781922013491

Bibliography, References, Index; 216 pages.

An RAN history of their war, with references to the RARs moved to and from Vietnam by Navy, especially HMAS Sydney and supported throughout by the rest of the fleet and its air arm.


COULTHARD-CLARK, Chris – The RAAF in Vietnam: Australia’s Air Involvement in the Vietnam War 1962-1975

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Crows Nest, 1995

ISBN: 1863733051

Index, bibliography; 412 pages.

This volume from the Official History series for this period covers the RAAF’s air operations in Vietnam and includes its support to the RAR. Awards and Decorations included.


GODFREY, John & Burrow, Bruce (Eds)- Gunners Vietnam 67-68

Peregrine Publishing, North Hobart, 2016

ISBN: 9780994639608

Index, over 150 maps and Illustrations, 100 pages.

106 Field Battery, 4th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery operated from numerous Fire Support Bases throughout South Vietnam in 1967-68, as well as from Nui Dat. As primarily the direct support battery for 7 RAR its men and guns played a crucial part in the Battle of Suoi Chau Pha and the 68 Tet Offensive Battle of the Bunkers.


GOWER, Steve – Rounds Complete: An Artillery Observer in Vietnam

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2017

ISBN: 978192552053

Bibliography, Index; 224 pages.

The author served in the 101st Field Battery as a forward observer with the 5 and 6 RAR, tasked to provide ‘timely, accurate and effective fire support’ of the Australian artillery, providing deadly firepower to support the soldiers who battled both the jungle and its shadowy inhabitants. He describes living the life of an infantry soldier, tramping the ground and joining his infantry mates in a variety of operations including search and destroy, cordon and search, heliborne and road-protection operations and company patrols from forward operating bases.


GUEST, Robert – The Team In Pictures 1962-1972

Canberra Printing Services, Canberra, 1972

ISBN: 0646104446

Index; 184 pages.

AATTV pictorial record; contains many pictures of RAR personalities.


HOPKINS, R.N.L – Australian Armour: History of the RAAC 1927-1972

Australian War Memorial & Australian Government Printing Service, Canberra, 1978

ISBN: 0642994072 & 0642994145 (pbk)

Index, maps, bibliography; 371 pages.

Military operations in the Vietnam War, major history produced by a prominent Royal Australian Armoured Corps officer. Refers to RAR battalions with whom armour fought in support.


MANGOLD, Tom & PENYCATE, John – The Tunnels of Chu Chi

Pan Books, London, 1986

ISBN – none

Index; 287 pages.

The story of the secret tunnels in Vietnam, which became the battleground for an extraordinary war fought deep underground; includes the Royal Australian Regiment’s involvement.


McKAY, Gary & NICHOLAS, Graeme – Jungle Tracks: Australian Armour in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin Australia, Crows Nest NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1865084492

Index, bibliography; 325 pages.

Veterans of the Armoured Corps share their experiences of fighting in the jungles and paddi fields. RAR units and individuals are named in many joint actions. Particularly good examples are provided of infantry-tank co-operation, where the main battle tanks proved their worth in terrain considered very unsuited to tanks.


McNEILL, Ian – The Team: Australian Army Advisers in Vietnam 1962-1972

The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1984

ISBN: 0642877025

Index, bibliography; 534 pages.

Some of the battalions are mentioned. Honour Roll, Nominal Roll, Awards


MODYSTACK, Neville J – The Pony Soldiers: The Australian Light Horse Vietnam 1965-1966

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2003

ISBN: 1876439572 & 9781876439576

Index, bibliography; 112 pages.

This unit worked primarily in support of 1RAR but 5RAR is also briefly mentioned.


MOORE, Peter & PLEACE, Trevor (Compilers) – Vietnam Lives: Works by Australian Vietnam Veterans from the sixties to the eighties

P Moore, Toukley NSW, 1986

BIB ID: 1545544

ISBN – Nil

76 pages.

A book of poems, sketches and photographs. Limited to 1,000 copies.


MORDIKE, John (Editor) –The RAAF in the War in Vietnam:

The Proceedings of the 1998 RAAF History Conference

RAAF Air Power Studies Centre, Canberra, 1999

ISBN: 0642265372

Bibliographical references; 108 pages.

Provides an interesting background to RAAF activities in Vietnam and operational support to 1ATF, of particular interest to the RAR are the presentations on the helicopter operations of 9 Squadron and Major General John Hartley’s – The Platoon Commander’s War, providing perspectives on his service with 5RAR during 1966-67 and the RAAF support as perceived at that level.


MOREMON, John assisted by PAGE-ALLEN, Courtney, – Vietnam: Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2002

ISBN: 1920720057

“Publication no: P714”; 71 pages.

Contains photographs and text of the Vietnam conflict and the National Memorial, recognising the service personnel, including the RAR, who served there.


NOLAN, Peter – Possums and Bird Dogs. Australian Army Aviation’s 161 Reconnaissance Flight in South Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2006

ISBN: 1741146356(pbk) & 1741750423(hbk)

Index, Bibliography; 240 pages.

History taken from Flight records supplemented by oral histories. All nine RAR battalions are mentioned.


NOTT, Rodney & PAYNE, Noel – ‘The Vung Tau Ferry’ (HMAS SYDNEY)

And Escort Ships (Vietnam 1965-1972)

Rosenberg Publishing, Dural NSW, 2008 (4th ed)

ISBN: 9781877058721(pbk)

Bibliography, maps; 253 pages.

Although there is no specific reference to the RAR in this publication the ‘ferry’ transported most of the RAR to and from South Vietnam.


ODGERS, George – Mission Vietnam – RAAF Operations 1964 -1972

Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1974

ISBN: 0642002355

Index, maps, more than 300 photos; 186 pages.

Provides a coverage of aerial operations across all dimensions including close air support and helicopter lift operations of intimate importance to RAR units.


PELVIN, Richard – Vietnam: Australia’s Ten Year War 1962-72

Hardie Grant Books, Prahran VIC, 2006

ISBN: 1740663896

Catalogue of photographs in the AWM; 220 pages.

Over 300 rarely seen photographs, pamphlets, letters, newspaper excerpts and diary entries bring to life Australia’s key operations in the Vietnam War, including the famous Battle of Long Tan, and create an intimate portrayal of the very human side of battle experienced by the RAR and others.


PENNINGTON, Vic – The Team in Vietnam: The Lighter Side

Wakefield Press, Wakefield SA, 1992

ISBN: 1862542880

140 pages.

Records some of the lighter moments of the AATTV in South Vietnam including some from its RAR members.


PICKEN, Bruce- Fire Support Bases Vietnam: Australian and Allied Fire Support Base Locations and Main Support Units

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2012

ISBN: 9781921941542

Bibliography, References, Index; 500 pages.

The book is a detailed account of every Australian fire support base by date, location and role. It provides an outline of the operations in which they participated, which includes every RAR battalion, all of which feature in the story.


SMITH, Derek, V. – A Twist in the Pogo’s Tale: An Army Clerk’s Passage from Childhood to War in Vietnam

Self-published, Townsville QLD, 2016

ISBN: 9780994559104

Maps, appendices;132 pages.

Author completed two tours of duty, one with RAE. An intriguing story of life in a support role to the RAR some of whose battalions are mentioned several times.


THURGAR, Jack & CROTHERS, Richard (compiled by) – Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial

R.W. Crothers & Associates, 1992

ISBN: 0646124420

Index, Awards, Roll of Honour; 160 pages.

A photographic record of the Dedication Weekend in Canberra of the Vietnam Forces National Memorial. One of the few occasions when all the colours of the Regiment have been paraded together.


THURGAR, Jack & WRIGHT, Charles (compilers) – Welcome Home

CPP Communications Limited, Canberra, 1988

ISBN: 0731639464

160 pages.

A pictorial record of the most historic march of the 80s, being the 1987 Welcome Home Parade for Vietnam veterans. Lists of Honours and awards and a Roll of Honour are included.




(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


BRYANT, James – A More Lasting Peace: Reflections on Interagency Operations in the Solomons and Iraq

Land Warfare Studies Centre Australian Army, Canberra, 2007


Bibliography, Index, maps; 168 pp.


RESTRICTED. A controlled examination of interagency operations in Operation Helpem Fren (ADF component was known as Operation Anode (RAMSI – Solomons) and then Iraq featuring relationships between Army and other agencies including multi-national entities. Mentions sub-units of RAR battalions and individuals who played roles in both deployments. Author served with the RAR.


SMITH, Hugh (editor) – Peacekeeping: Challenges for the Future

Australian Defence Studies Centre ADFA, Canberra, 1993

ISBN: 0731702743  

Index, bibliography; 229 pages.

There are eight presentations recorded in this publication of which the Australian experience in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia is most pertinent to the RAR given an entire battalion (1 RAR) supplemented by 2/4 RAR troops deployed. Most other deployments covered included some RAR troops.


 VANN, Kevin J. OAM – Bridging the Gap: The 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment in Timor 1999-2000

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1876439556 & 9781876439552

Index, maps; 218 pages.

This is the history of 3 CER in East Timor. Several of the RAR battalions are also mentioned.


                                                                                                                                      IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


BRYANT, James – A More Lasting Peace: Reflections on Interagency Operations in the Solomons and Iraq

Land Warfare Studies Centre Australian Army, Canberra, 2007


Bibliography, Index, maps; 168 pp.


RESTRICTED. A controlled examination of interagency operations in Operation Helpem Fren (ADF component was known as Operation Anode (RAMSI – Solomons) and then Iraq featuring relationships between Army and other agencies including multi-national entities. Mentions sub-units of RAR battalions and individuals who played roles in both deployments. Author served with the RAR.


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


YEAMAN, Stuart – Afghan Sun: Defence, Diplomacy, Development and the Taliban

Boolarong Press, Salisbury QLD, 2013

ISBN: 9781922109910 (pbk)

Index, Appendices on Honours and Awards, Nominal roll; 360 pages.

Author was Commanding Officer of 6th Engineer Support Regiment that included a company of 3 RAR. Also known as Reconstruction Task Force (RTF 4), this organisation was the last of four engineer-heavy battle groups to serve in Afghanistan, followed in late 2008 by Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Forces (MRTF) and then the Mentoring Task Forces (MTF) whose role changed as their title indicates. All were part of the ADF’s Task Force 633. This is the story of what and how RTF 4 constructed its many achievements and how the RAR company helped provide the force protection necessary for the main body to achieve its intent.




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)



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