This Part covers the very large field of smaller articles and other data which appear in both Infantry and other publications on the RAR. Major series are described below, with specific articles then listed under the applicable war/deployment using the  acronym of the parent journal/periodical. Where known, e-links are provided to the increasing number of such sources now becoming available on-line.

Major sources are summarised below. Others will be added as identified. Note: Some of these journals are now digitised. Ongoing research will result in non-digitised articles bring added progressively to this Part. Less well-known articles are provided in each sub-Part.



Army Journal (AJ). The AJ has been published by the Australian Army in Volumes for many years, frequency varying. Each is numbered and contains articles, letters to the editor to encourage professional dialogue, and book reviews. There are two series: the first started shortly after WW II comprising almost 400 monthly copies. The second series that followed comprises a larger format, thicker in size and published less frequently. Current research will result in the listing of all  articles relevant to the RAR.


Australian Defence Force Journal (ADFJ). The ADFJ is an Australian Defence Force publication aimed primarily at officers and SNCOs, primarily to encourage professional development through knowledge and debate. Over time, more junior ranks have availed themselves of it with increased encouragement to do so. The first paper journal – Issue 1 – appeared in Nov/Dec 1976, the last paper edition – Issue 192 – in 2013. From that time on, all issues, including retrospective paper-based issues, became available at

This site may be searched for topics/keywords/authors etc. The Journal added the word “Australian” to its title with Issue 86 in Jan/Feb 1991.


Australian Infantry Magazine (AIM). The AIM is the voice of the Australian Soldier and is still going strong. In order to provide and generate free flow of information, 15,000 copies are distributed internally to Army personnel free. Every issue runs stories topical not only to our Infantry members but to all Defence Force members and military enthusiasts in general. Features include updates on current operations, the latest training, tactics, combat capabilities, personnel matters, Corps news, reviews, special features and a forum allowing readers to express their views. Produced bi-annually in Apr and Oct and published by the School of Infantry, Singleton NSW. RAR contributors and topics prominent. ISSN: 1447-5545. Another publication titled Infantry Magazine, covering the period January 1969 to April 20o3, was a predecessor to AIM. See IM entry below.


Bulletin of The Royal Australian Regiment Foundation (BRARF). This Bulletin is a publication of the RAR Foundation, headed by the Chair of the day. It addresses annually, the general business of the Foundation including stipends made, Foundation awards, and an annual update of each RAR battalion’s doings for the year of publication. Issue 34 (2016) is ABN: 31 055 902 433. Also accessible at



CONTACT Air Land & Sea (CALS). A high-quality military magazine focused mainly on the day-to-day work, lives and professionalism of current-day Australian Defence Force members, including Infantry, from a boots-on-the-ground perspective and as far as possible in soldiers’ own words. CONTACT has been published four times per year since March 2004 – issues 1 to 40 in print and electronic only since March 2013. The publisher also produced an Infantry-only special issue in 2008, to coincided with and celebrate the RA Inf 60th anniversary. It, and many other issues, feature the RAR. CONTACT Air Land and Sea is available by free subscription via


COMBAT Camera (CC). A high-quality military magazine where the photos tell the thousand/million words of the contemporary Australian Defence Force stories including RAR subjects. COMBAT Camera, from the same publisher as CONTACT Air Land & Sea, was initially published four times per year (issue 1 to 14) but is now a ‘special events’ magazine, published when justified (e.g. ANZAC Day 2016 and Avalon Airshow 2017). COMBAT Camera is available via the same free subscription –


Combat Arms (CA). A commercial publication, it frequently contains articles on RAR matters.


Command – Observations and Issues from Army Operations

Centre for Army Lessons, Land Warfare Centre, Puckapunyal VIC, 2006


A series written for commanders. Also has a website

This edition refers to AUSBATTs (Timor) and SECDETS (Iraq), both of which represent most RAR battalions.


Command – Insights from Army Operations and Selected Articles

Centre for Army Lessons, Land Warfare Centre, Puckapunyal VIC, 2008


A series written for commanders. Also has a website

This edition refers to Infantry operations in Somalia, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Solomons. which involved most RAR battalions.


Duty First (DF). DF is an RAR publication aimed at all ranks of the regiment. Produced by the NSW branch of the RAR Association on behalf of the RAR Corporation and all state branches. Most articles within it address current or recent deployments, training and news of interest.


First (F). An annual 1 RAR unit production; know issues include 1980-81.


Helping All That Served (HATS).

Privately managed and published

ISBN: Nil 

HATS is both the name and motto of the Integrated Servicepeople’s Association of Australia, an ex-service organisation dedicated to assisting the veteran community and also current serving members of the ADF. Services include assistance with preparation of claims for service, disability and war widows/ers claims, welfare assistance and gaining many other entitlements from the Department of Veterans Affairs. HATS  is published three times a year; March, July, November. Some editions (over 40 to date) feature the RAR. These are both printed, and accessible through


Infantry Information Letters (IIL). Generated by the Directorate of Infantry for many years, this now-defunct source of valuable information enabled the rapid dissemination of information of Infantry information at a time when the publication of pamphlets took substantially longer. Most articles affected the RAR.


Infantry Magazine (IM). This magazine was published by the Head of Corps RAInf from January 1969 to April 2003 and was replaced by the Australian Infantry Magazine (see above).


Kapyong Kronicle (KK). An annual 3 RAR unit publication.


Sabretache (ST)

Military Historical Society of Australia, Canberra

MHSA often has articles that include the RAR. Identified articles include those such as CHAMBERLAIN below.


CHAMBERLAIN, Max – The Digger in Asia in

Sabretache Vol XXXIII Oct-Dec 1992 Number 4

Military History Society of Australia, Canberra, 1992


 Bibliography, no index; 51 pages.

A date by date chronological list of events post-world war to 25 Apr 91, frequently listing RAR units. Previously published as Asian Battle Diary in 1968, 1969 and 1974.


Smart Soldier (SS)

Centre for Army Lessons (CAL), Army Knowledge Group, Puckapunyal VIC


45 editions as at May 16.

Each edition has a range of articles, almost all of which apply to RAR, some mention units/sub-units. One of an increasing number of in-service products that encourage interactivity with serving soldiers.


Tiger Tales (TT). A regular 5 RAR Association publication. See


Wartime (W). 

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, ongoing


This periodical often contains articles relevant to the RAR. Current research will result in the listing of all  articles relevant to the RAR.


HASSETT, General Sir Francis – The Field Marshal Blamey Memorial Oration in United Service, Vol 47, No 1, (Winter 1993).

Published by RUSI (NSW), this article addresses Hassett’s time as CO 3 RAR in Korea and then with 28th Commonwealth Brigade in Malaya.






Korean Operations: 3 RAR Raid on Hill 227 – 25 January 1952 in ADFJ, No 157 (Nov/Dec 02) pp 37-45.


The Battle of Kapyong, in AJ, No 263 (Apr 71) pp 3-24.



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


Nil entry



VIETNAM 1962-75



Nil entry





(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


AUSTRALIAN BATTALION VI (AUSBAT VI) – Operation Tangier/Citadel 2002

3 RAR Kapyong Khronicle, Sydney, 2002


3 RAR battalion group tour of duty in East Timor full colour pictorial, full nominal roll.



IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


Nil entry




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)


Nil entry