Opinion – Korea reignites deadly menace

AFTER three years, one month and two days, the Korean War ended at 10pm on July 27, 1953.
Perhaps it is more correct to say hostilities ceased as the armistice formally signed 12 hours earlier came into effect.
Surviving Australian veterans of that conflict are now in their ninth decade but the war in which they gave so much has never truly ended.
Indeed, it is danger of being spectacularly reignited.
More than 17,000 Australians from all three services fought in Korea, with 340 killed, over 1216 wounded and 29 taken prisoner.
Of the 340 killed, 43 are officially listed as “missing in action, presumed dead” including both RAN and RAAF aircrew.
Three members of 1RAR, two from 2RAR and 17 from 3RAR are among the MIA.
Although a 4km demilitarised zone was established, hostilities continued sporadically until UN operations were formally ended on July 27, 1954. Australians continued in a peacekeeping role until withdrawn in 1957.
The causes of the Korean War were complex.

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