October edition of NSCnews Online

The October edition of NSCnews Online is out now… please forward this email as previously arranged to your list of email contacts to ensure it is circulated as widely as possible. I would also appreciate links being listed in any relevant social media forums as well if you can.

As Elvis said: Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

Click on the front page to open the magazine in e-zine format – please don’t try to open the magazine format on the DRN… go to the web-based format for the stories accessed via the grid under the front page at nscnews.com.au.  We should have good news on this front next month – the site that hosts our magazine should have completed the conversion to HTML5 which means the magazine will be able to be read on the DRN… woohoo!!

As it is each month, the web format at www.nscnews.com.au, should be completed by the time the magazine is published on Thursday. (Again, it might be late on Thursday before I get through it all… so much to read this month, so worth the wait).

Don’t hesitate to speak up if you have suggestions (or brickbats)… ring me anytime on 0438 119 254.



Ted Bragg

p: 0438 119 254




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