How to sell your mil skills in civvie street

Signaller Aiden Barker prepares to lower the Australian National Flag at sunset on the Flight Deck of HMAS Adelaide while alongside Fort Hill Wharf, Darwin during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 17.

One of the biggest issues many veterans face when they leave the defence force is deciding what to do next with their lives.

Many from outside the defence force might consider it just ‘finding a new job’, but it’s more than that.

It’s about finding a new career, which can give you a sense of purpose like your past career in the defence force.

I know from experience that this is much easier said than done.

Depending on who you talk to, some will say your defence experience will be a massive plus, however others will think that it’s actually a hindrance.

Unfortunately, the same is the case with employers – some understand the unique and valuable skills a veteran can bring to the workplace, where others simply don’t get it.

So, the inevitable question comes next – how much should you talk about your military experience? Should you play it down? Or play it up?

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