PTS 17 Forum – Radio Interviews of Noted Participants


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Steve Austin broadcast his ABC Radio 612 4QR Brisbane breakfast show from, the PTS Forum in Brisbane on 8th September 2017.  You can listen to the broadcast here
Steve is a respected and noted questioning and searching interviewer of his guests as you will hear. He has obviously researched the subject and asks searching questions that expose the facts of PTS on everyone.

He interviewed the following persons:
1. Kerri-Ann Welch (start at 22.15 minutes)

2. The White Cloud Foundation ( from 23.12 minute)

3. Dan Tehan (DVA Minister) (from 36.55 minute)

4. Tony Dell ( Principal Stand Tall) (from 53.55 minute)

5. Combat Stress (from 1 hour.01.26 minute)

6. Cameron & Melissa Smith. RAAF Veteran PTS husband and his wife relate their family experiences (from 1.07.00 minute)

7. Richard McLaren – RAAF Vietnam and after service a photographer of display Before/During/After Service (from 1.36.26 minute)

8. Stuart McCarthy & Prof Jane Quinn on neuro-toxic medications Mefloquine (from 1.45.10 minute and ends at 2.02.00)

9. AVM Tracy Smart Commander Joint Health and Surgeon General of the Australian Defence Force. (from 2.03.55) on resilience and questioned on Mefloquine,

10. Dr Justine Evans (Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation) and Dane Christison (Principal of Thrive to Survive Nation) (from 2. 14.15 to the end of the broadcast. This is a must listen to.interview that reveals Dane’s (a younger PTS veteran) self funded contribution to helping others. The RARA supports Dane’s Program

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