Opinion – Graham Richardson : Our Nations’s Finest Now Suffering In Silence as Suicide Rates Rise


Among other things, Townsville is a garrison town. If soldiers and their families are doing it tough in a city where unemployment is more than 11 per cent, twice the national average, resources here are really stretched to try to give them support.

Too many veterans are falling through the cracks here and in the rest of the country. In a city like this the result of the lousy effort we have made to look after those who have served their country in war zones from Korea to Malaya, to Vietnam, to Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia and Timor is broken marriages, domestic violence, homelessness and, worst of all, high rates of suicide.



  1. Tas Browning says

    I have to say from my experience that Graham’s time in Government did very little to make any real changes for Veterans overall, lets face it the left side of politics cannot crow too loud, show me Where and when any great changes took place and the challenge is lets see where that same side of the chamber did not get it right ?????

    • steve monteath says

      I agree with you on this, either side only fluff their feathers when it suits their re election or popularity. Until any/all of them like the young fellow ex SAS from WA and the one labor got rid of in Tassie [Andrew Nikolic] are in the poly job, the others could not give a stuff.

  2. Vern Veitch says

    Whilst there have been too many mistakes in the past, some out of ignorance rather than a lack of concern, that can no longer be used as an excuse. It’s time to care properly for our veterans and other ex-Defence personnel rather than fighting a psychological war against them

  3. I think the treatment of our Veterans is absolutely disgusting – Not Enough is being done in supporting returned members of the Tri-Services
    Australia’s Finest were sent from Australian shores by our leaders, on their return you would expect they would have definately been looked after.
    This is not the case, there seems to be funding available everytime politicians require a payrise, then you penny pinch and turn a blind eye on PTSD by not properly funding the support for the ADF and other frontline services.
    Please send Members of Parliament to Townsville, Audit the Services Required and Implement them immediately, I and every other Australian will consider that money well spent.

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