#Veterans Clawback – Military Superannuation Invalidity Tax Issue


The background to this issue was reported here “Government Targets Comsuper Invalidity Benefits for some Veterans from 1 July this year”, and here at COMSUPER – MILITARY ENTITLEMENTS

WIN TV News Townsville reported the issue last Thursday (29th June) as ‘  VETERANS VALUE: Concerning news for several hundred war veterans, tonight. Changes to legislation governing superannuation payments, could mean a big hit to invalid pension payments.’ Watch it here

Channel 7 TV News last night (2nd July) reported that Veterans take on the Turnbull Government over changes to the way it taxes Comsuper Invalidity payments.

David Jamison, national spokesman for the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO), stated that ‘Although it appears this change for veterans is an unintended consequence of a much broader taxation change, the veterans community as a whole considered it (if true) manifestly unfair. We all have the obligation to support our effected invalided veterans. We have asked the Government to ensure they will not be hit with higher taxes post 1 July 2017’. 

ADSO is consulting with the DVA Minister Dan Tehan on the issue.


  1. Butch Mathew says

    When will they (Government ) stop kicking our legs from underneath us ?. Federal Governments, in latter years seem to be intent on reducing Veterans Benefits. . I feel it’s most Un-Australian, by a mob, that has never fired a shot in anger

  2. patrick mann says

    I have never voted labor in my life but since Turnbull has been at the helm we have been dragged down and still dropping. Australians are being taxed to the hilt yet pollies get another pay rise. Their excuses for the rise that they can’t change it and it was none their doing is just garbage.

  3. Tas Browning says

    I see it as a stealth issue, bit by bit mmm

  4. Mark Kinnear says

    Liberals always want you to pay more, for you to have less and be forced to use credit to survive.

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