Opinion – RSL struggles to stay relevant

In its 102nd year the Returned and Services League of Australia faces its greatest crisis, its future survival in the balance.The RSL is an organisation which should be arguing for veterans’ rights and benefits. It should be assisting veterans to access those while recreating the camaraderie of military service. Unless the RSL changes now, the Ode of Remembrance in future may state “we don’t remember it”.
That is not an option worth considering.
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  1. Peter Weyling says

    The RSL has turned into an organization of self-serving individuals supported and voted into position by other self-serving individuals. It does nothing anymore to lobby Government to correct the DFRB/DFRDB issue. It is obvious that the greater number of officials divert funds to their own interests/pockets/ lifestyle. This is true of ALL RSL sub-branches and State and National. There is so much money floating around within these organisations that a lot more could be done to purchase land and build small homes for veterans and especially for those doing it tough. These could be rented out for a small fee. This organisation has totally dropped the ball when it comes to “looking after veterans”……..

  2. Annette Wines says

    So sad that our young diggers don’t think they belong in the RSL….well that is what i believe anyway….of course we remember the fallen from past wars…however the RSL should be focusing on here and now…so many young men and women who’s lives are in a mess because of these modern wars…..the present day RSL should be their haven….

  3. Ian A (Blue) Mawson says

    Quite a few sub branches are operating well. Generally the have an affinity with a local Defence Force base or bases. In my area they support Army Recruits and RAN and RAAF technical trades. I cannot accept ‘ lining of the pockets’ by hierarchy . Not what we are here for. Em Tasol !

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