RARA Padre Gary Stone – EASTER and ANZAC Reflection

Every Year Easter and Anzac Day occur in close proximity . They actually share much in common .

Easter commemorates the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, who came to liberate people from fear oppression and bondage .

Anzac Day commemorates the life death and resurrection of our servicepeople who also sought to liberate people from fear, oppression and bondage .

Easter precedes Anzac Day and sets the concept of service and sacrifice in  a Theological foundation . Anzac Day demonstrates how people lived out the Easter message , even unto death and beyond into life eternal.

Anzac day is our major, National Day of observance. It gathers and  touches many Australians that never or rarely attend church. Most of our nation will participate in services where Solemn Prayers will be said and hymns sung. What gathers them ? —

Anzac Day touches our souls.  It is a profoundly spiritual and religious celebration and in reality the Spirit of God and Jesus permeates this Anzac phenomenon .

The Last Post sounds as an echo of Good Friday and all the dyings in our lives , the silence reminds us of Jesus in the tomb and our need to patiently wait at times.

The Reveille rouses us from grief and reminds us of new life and hope .It calls us to action, to make our world a better place.

Anzac day is an Easter experience .

May you celebrate both Easter and Anzac Day with gratitude , for all who like Jesus , gave their lives and suffered in the cause of peace.

May Peace be with you!

Gary Stone




  1. Gary,you are a true “Christian soldier”, I trust you enjoy your time over Easter, and Anzac Day. This is the day I celebrate not only Anzac Day but the end of the Vietnam war for Australians,the begining of the RCB Malaysia proper. If I may be so bold this is also a birthday that should be a public celebration ,not be held in disrespect as the Govt. of Aust. Would have it to us all refusing us proper recognition of the job we did in Butterworth.

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