Seasons of War – Views of a bloke who once was a simple soldier and still so

I know I might sound like an old soldier repenting and hugging white doves. Nor would I claim to understand the diplomacy and politics of a troubled planet. Mind you, there is good reason for me not to understand the long term strategy of the western world. There is none, other than a growing obsession by a chosen few to slyly and cleverly smother our way of life with continued waves of political correctness and cowardly compromises.

Let me make  it clear that in my understanding of history there are times when armed conflict is unavoidable and will be the last desperate choice for a nation to survive. Equally there are so many times we rush in where angels fear to tread.

It would seem to me that on occasions, clever measured thought by our political leaders has not necessarily been the case and too often we charge into a quagmire of death and misery in support of already lost causes.

Wars of long duration which are without a clear sense of purpose and intent combined with both a growing casualty list and an increasing drain on national resources become less winnable with each news item of setbacks.

Wars we are doomed to lose are those without the continued support of the people.  Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq perhaps would not stand the test of measured and justified commitments if other options had been considered and pursued

Perhaps the consequences of our involvement in Afghanistan (our longest war) with a growing list of disabled veterans plus financial expenditure in waging war might attract your attention. Ask yourself the question. What has been achieved that will remain so in Afghanistan?

As I said there are times when war is inevitable but only as a last resort.

While I am on my favourite hobby horse, perhaps we should be thinking of longer term positive procedures and actions to counter potential threats to our way of life in what we currently claim to be the lucky country down under.

George Mansford


           Seasons of War

Rusty spears now forgotten

Hang from cobwebbed walls

Heroes now turned to dust

Long gone the screams mid battle calls

Once a cruel arena cluttered with wounded and dead

Grieving widows and fatherless infants mute

Politicians with dry eyes pretended to mourn

As they followed muffled drums and wailing flutes

Who ponders such folly from another time?

Now buried with the garlands that kings and generals wore

Forgotten are such conflicts and the reasons why

When in a new season, our bravest prepare for war

Today’s warriors armed with new sharp laser spears

Such eager immortal youth are deaf to past warnings

Spurred on by two legged chameleons beating drums of war

These virgin gladiators prepare for battle in the morning

Soon or late the campaign will be lost or won

Space age medals tossed here and there

Grieving kin and crippled veterans of no consequence

Another bloody spear on the wall and who really cares

George Mansford © Janauary 2017

Editor’s addition

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda


  1. David Morris says

    Once again a perceived slight by our Army, this time the SAS, has the Indons in high dudgeon.
    The fact that it is the truth, as we see it, and they can’t offer any proof to the contrary, is immaterial.
    Once again we send a Chief of Defence, or Army to sit and wait in some official office for hours while their pride is assuaged.
    The Treaty of Lombok says the two nations have to cooperate on Defence matters.

    It would seem cooperation goes one way only.

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