The ex-service organisations (ESOs) that currently endeavour to represent the interests of the serving and former serving members of the ADF are in turmoil over direction and leadership. Kel Ryan’s  current  research  “Pathways for the effective representation of the Australian Defence community (ADC)” seeks to address that question.

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Biography – Kel Ryan
As a Life Member of the RSL and with nearly 30 years of membership Kel Ryan has gained a breath of experience in the organisation that has schooled him in both its strengths and weaknesses. His extensive experience across all levels of the RSL is reinforced by holding elected office across a number of other ESOs. His deep understanding of the challenges being faced by the broad ADC has caused him a great deal of anguish as to the future representation of future members of the ADC.


  1. David F Catterall says

    You know me mate, as we have been in touch since attending Command & Staff College, Queenscliff in 1979.
    I am happy to add anything to think might help for your research and am looking forward to catching up with you when you will be in Melbourne from 28/10 to 1/11; have also let Terry Nolan & Peter Haddad that you will be in town over those dates.
    Depending upon my Radiotherapy treatment times over that period, I will attempt to co-ordinate our meeting time to coincide with them being able to be there as well!
    I trust that by now you will have received the TPI History Publication that was forwarded to you last Wednesday (12/10) from the office of TPI VIC Inc.!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon Kel.
    Regards, David

  2. Randall Borg says

    The RSL unfortunately hidebound on rules and regulations which is reflected in dry and boring meetings dominated by officer-bearers expert on their interpretation. Some are self-serving putting their own aspirations before the genuine needs of the general membership. There is also a push by social members of RSL sub branches to be granted full membership which would ultimately presage the demise of this lumbering organisation being strangled by its own bureaucracy. Nonetheless there are many within who hold to the basic ideals of the RSL and work tirelessly for their mates.

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