Who decided political correctness was compulsory?

Will a true blue leader step forward to ensure all this stupidity ends? 

Who decided political correctness was compulsory?

Who are the blinkered Suits in high places who claim all is OK?

When slowly but surely our gagged nation is losing its way

It’s becoming a Disney Land and avoiding the true facts of life

Watching Brutus and Caesar compete on a merry-go-round of strife

Give us a leader immune to PC* to set a true bearing for tomorrow

Our people, if given such hope, are sure to follow


Masked clowns clumsily juggle with commonsense each day

Some schools order “no clapping, cheering, hugging or to pray”

Parades seeking free speech are assaulted by mobs in the street

It’s legal to burn our beloved flag cos the laws are so meek

Yet when citizens bravely air views in regard culture of an alien race

They’re branded racists and could be before the Courts at rapid pace


Always is the need to develop national pride in youngsters at schools

Alas, It seems regular singing of our proud anthem is a forbidden tool

In one school, addressing females as women, ladies and girls is taboo

Did you know guys, sheila and blokes are now offensive terms too?

Our laws and judicial courts were sound deterrents in the past

Yet today, felons are pampered while blame on victims is cast


Be aware if you don’t toe the party line, you will be howled down

Today are less smiles, more handcuffs, red pens, locks and frowns

What a strange new and mad society in which we now live

Remember when Merry Xmas was once a time of love and to give

Now it’s becoming known as a happy holiday so not to offend

Will a true blue leader step forward to ensure all this stupidity ends?

George Mansford © August 2016

*PC—Political Correctness



  1. Carol McGuire says

    well said George!

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