It’s Time To Stand Tall

Two legged blinkered sheep play “follow the leaders” in busy streets

Indifferent to amber signs of threat that our flock could soon meet

Dressed in space age cloth, texting and asking ‘What’s in it for me’?

Yesterday is forgotten and who cares of tomorrow in a land so free


There are gatherings where zealots chant “kill Jews and infidels”

While those who disagree are branded racists and bound for hell

Why is it we ridicule the lessons of Jesus Christ who preached love?

Yet ignore rabid fanatics vomiting evil, wielding swords high above?


Why so many stark images of drowned children on a lonely beach?

Understandably we weep, grieve and blame leaders far from reach

Yet infants crushed and torn on a French street for obsessive beliefs

Are masked by complacent blankets to calm outrage and grief


How false is our honour to past generations who gave all?

While we remain passive to threats that our way life could fall

Can’t we see that a Trojan horse is entering our happy domain?

Or do we flounder in mires of political correctness once again


Be you from the cities, country towns or beyond the black stump afar

It’s time to remind Canberra Suits who the bloody hell we are

No matter religion or lack of it; our message must be loud and clear

So stand tall now to ensure we protect a valued way of life so dear

George Mansford @ July 2016

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