STAND TALL for PTS – Post Traumatic Stress Awareness Dinner

Friday 16 September 2016 at Churchie Morris Hall, Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane.

In case you haven’t seen them, these are the links to our recent written and video reports for the Stand Tall Lightning Bolt Convoy.
Written Report –
Video Report –
The purpose of this event was awareness and there was no attempt to raise funds. It is to be hoped that this will come on a voluntary basis when people can see the importance of what we’re doing.
Last year we staged a history making clinical PTS Conference and next year we will follow that up with PTS17 which could be even bigger.
We are running a fund raising dinner in Brisbane on September 16 and in the next few days you will be sent an invitation. Like everything we do, it will be memorable. So please consider putting together a table or if you can’t do that, then please send us a donation.
From Awareness comes Knowledge. From Knowledge comes Action. Action saves Lives.
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MOB: 0419 771 736
Stand Tall for PTS
Tony Dell

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