Tribute to the Vietnam Veterans Finally Returning Home to Australia

Slideshow Productions tribute to our fallen Aussie heroes of the Vietnam war finally returning home where they belong. R.I.P.


  1. John Blayney-Murphy says

    One of the greatest events I have ever attended. Alone (by choice) ripples forced their way through my body as twisted emotions confused me however not for long. Our girls, kids, and brave soldiers were now in the care of their people. I am a better man for my choice to attend, reality advised me we are indeed in debt to those that passed me in a well conducted and professionally organised welcoming home. The police outstanding the funeral members fantastic, the people displaying their heart on their sleeve. As the tears of the masses wet the Australian soil a calm came over the country, a relief that signaled we are Australian and we care. Peace be with you now families of these valued Australians.

  2. Peter Sykes says

    I’m sorry that it’s taking so long for you all to be brought home.
    To my brothers at arms RIP, sleep forever on in home ground.
    To all the Vietnam Veterans welcome home for hell. You all did Australia proud!!
    Im ex Army 15+ years, I’ve worked with theses men & thought the RSL. They are outstanding men and never should have been treated the way they we’re.

  3. Darcy Dugan says

    There were also Malayan / Malaysian service remains.

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