A Day in the Life of a Soldier

      For all diggers, past,  present and future

 A Day in the Life of a Soldier 

Patrolling through the jungle green

Searching for an enemy yet to be seen

Smothering heat and saturated with sweat

Terrible thirst but not to drink yet


A hand signal ripples down the single file

It means a five minute break to rest for awhile

Drinking precious water from a canteen nearly empty

We pray there is a stream ahead with cool water aplenty


Watching and listening for danger while resting on the jungle floor

You must wait tonight’s fitful sleep for sweet dreams galore

Of loved ones, hot food, icy beer and a pretty girl to meet

A soft comfortable bed and deep sleep between crisp cool sheets


Now a hand signal that we are about to go

We grunt struggling to our feet with heavy loads, painfully slow

Dark clouds hover above and suddenly drenching rain

We’re slipping, sliding in mire and softly cursing again and again


A small shelter and leafy mattress with leeches for company at night

Sentry duty at some ungodly hour in blackness totally without sight

Tomorrow, in torn muddy cloth, we’ll search once more for foe

Such is part of soldiering life wherever we go


Those yet to serve will often face danger on that unknown track

Cold, hungry, thirsty and weary yet never turning back

Whenever and whatever the task; stepping forward as one

Always the mate-ship, pride and love of country until duty done

George Mansford ©May 2016



  1. Butch Mathew says

    Yep , I remember , it all, with 1 & 2 RAR Malaya 61-63,But the ranks are thinning now Sungie Siput Then Terendak

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