Poem – Breadcrumbs and Broken Promises







Once a proud young soldier standing on parade

Now a homeless nomad shivering in icy rain

Cold concrete for a mattress and a newspaper blanket newly made

Sleep broken with blinking frames of past horror, agony and pain


Another patriot bound for war bid his wife and children adieu

He made the news for being wounded then forgotten next day

Living in a wheelchair, no bright future and opportunities few

Income now restricted to an ever diminishing disability pay


These are examples of those who paid a terrible price

Citizens who stepped forward to serve their beloved Nation

Then In battle, their fate was decided on the fall of the dice

Now with family and empty pockets, travel to unknown destinations


While In that special place, Canberra Suits wine and dine by night

Planning more political propaganda to appease a noisy alien few

Betraying vets with broken promises and ignoring their plight

Still seeking votes as cheering crowds bid today’s soldiers’ adieu


Tomorrow, more homeless nomads will be shivering in icy rain

They too with blinking frames of past horror, agony and pain

All will be new disabled veterans tormented with endless frustration

Never fear, there’s free travel to what is now a familiar destination

George Mansford © May 2016


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