Opinion – Is There a Driver on Board?

A Changing Nation. True to Alvin Toffler’s “Future Shock”, the world is changing at a rapid pace. In my view, we have been found wanting in our ability to cope.

Our so called democracy is slowly but surely being eroded.

Those thought police listening, watching, waiting and ticking squares are becoming more of reality each day.

A State Government changes the rules on voting with no consultation and where was the public outrage?

Our national treasury contains naught but dust and cobwebs, yet Canberra Suits keep spending borrowed money at alarming rates

The historic back stabbing drama involving Brutus and Caesar is now a regular act on stage in the great hall where Canberra Suits play.

If you make a point of view which contradicts the trendy Left, there is every chance you will be branded a racist.

Christianity is rapidly becoming the whipping boy and seemingly discouraged in many schools. Why is that so given the beautiful messages Jesus delivered.

Challenging law and order is now an established social game with many of our youth competing in their efforts to break established rules. It is not surprising, given the meekness of our judicial system?

We are on a train going downhill with no brakes. Come to think of it, with the lack political leadership, there is no driver either.

Oh for a barefooted Gandhi who always put his people first or a wise and determined Mandela.  In the meantime, dare I suggest a Genghis Khan to enforce political discipline and purpose.

While such a savior has the whip out, we should all be subtly invited back to the long neglected family dinner table without any means of texting and no television during what are now becoming rare family events?

George Mansford  April 2016

                 A Changing Nation

I wonder how many babies arrived in OZ this very night

While I was in restless sleep protected by alarms and security lights

New Aussies with that special first cry on being born

Followed by calls of hunger in the magic light of their first dawn


In time, hopefully at school and home they’ll be told

“Respect, faith, honour and love of country are seams of gold”

“Stand tall and defy any intent to destroy our proud past”

“Speak up and defend values that forever must last”


“Never feel sorry for yourself after a fall”

“To share, care and help others when hearing the call”

“Seek to always live in peace but carry a sharpened spear”

“Learn from history and never distort what is true and so dear”


All the above we’ve heard before and  it seems little of it anymore

The recent lessons from Europe of clashes in culture we ignore

We boast one nation yet three flags fly at schools and other places

Australia Day is slowly becoming a day of shame we’re told to face


Society provides double standards and no compass for youth’s travel

Increasing crime is a signal of contempt for law and a Judge’s gavel

*PC is a man-made virus and slowly smothering free speech

Canberra suits never listen and keep fingers crossed as they preach


Those born under the Southern Cross this very night

Will be nurtured by our conduct, be it wrong or right

So don’t blame others for yonder black clouds or for yesterday grieve

It’s us, today’s sheep or lions, to determine what legacy we leave

George Mansford  © April 2016

*PC—Political Correctness

Editor’s note:

Some more quotes from Toffler’s Future Shock

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ”. … “You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.”.

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