The ANZAC Spirit Is Alive and In Full Flight

In the days leading up to ANZAC Services I was invited to a number of schools, both Primary and Secondary.

For a cranky old basxxxrd who is so ready to find flaws with our youth (well some of it anyway), it was a very memorable experience and I want to share it with you.

No matter if it was large room or a huge hall, each was full of chattering youngsters who when signaled became silent and attentive.

Senior Students who had been delegated with various tasks from the introductions to various readings spoke with clarity and confidence.

During the laying of wreaths, the sight of the little ones, hand in hand and going forward with their tributes of flowers, drawings and other art was incredibly moving.

I know that old soldier don’t cry but I certainly had tears in my eyes when the Choir consisting of the very young sang both National Anthems of the ANZACs. Control of such emotions became even more challenging when they sang so beautifully of our nation’s past with emphasis on the ANZACs and those who followed them with a song “They are the best”

Well, the youngsters I saw were certainly among the best and how proud we should be of all of them. So here’s to a bright future for our great nation and a salute to a dedicated teaching fraternity which continues to help make it so by mentoring our most valuable asset.


Today’s Youngsters- Tomorrow’s Leaders

Sweet sounds as the school choir sings

Wonderful joy and contentment the voices bring

Then such pride as our national anthem I hear

Of our young nation with its beauty far and near


Youth and innocence are on early life’s stage

They need no prompting or to be aided with a written page

All of them sing from memory with calming voices so clear

Such a moving scene I will always hold dear


No matter race or religion; be the skin black, brown or white

To see and hear our “Tomorrow” sing is surely a moving sight

Confident youngsters side by side and as a team

Creating a magic spell, singing of where the ANZACs have been


If these youngsters I speak of can be as one

Why is it their elders brim with hate and use power of a gun?

The very young and innocent versus hate and war

It surely begs the question; why and what for?


In time the students will mature and become the older throng

Go their owns ways and hopefully know right from wrong

To become our leaders with common aims in sight

To safeguard a way of life for those that follow with all their might

George Mansford © May 2016



  1. Dan shiels says

    Beautiful words by an absolute legend

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