KOREA – A Poem By Francis M. Macy

We didn’t do much talking,
We didn’t raise a fuss,
But Korea really happened,
So please-remember us,

We all just did our duty,
But we didn’t win or lose,
A victory was denied us,
But we never got to choose,

We all roasted in the summer,
In the winter, damn near froze,
Walking back from near the Yalu,
With our blackened, frozen toes,

Like the surf the enemy kept coming,
With their bugles in the night,
And we fired in to their masses,
Praying for the morning light,

All of us just had to be there,
And so many of us died,
But now we’re all but half forgotten,
No one remembers how we tried,

We grow fewer with the years now,
And we still don’t raise a fuss,
But Korea really happened,
So please-Remember us

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