Royal Commission Into The DVA


Hi my name is Angus Sim and by now I am sure most of you who come across this fund raiser know that I’m an honest and fair person that represents the APPVA as the National President of the RLS ignored all my emails and phone calls regarding younger Veterans issues and a submission for a Royal Commission can not come from me.  It has to be a National body.  I will be using the most credible fund raising company called GoFundMe .

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Initialy I started this crowd funding to raise $10,000 as this is the figure that the lawyers need to start the proceedings and prepare documents for a potential Royal Commission into the DVA.  Everyone who has donated so far has done a great job because it has started.

We have received the 10K needed for the lawyer and had a meeting with him on the 15/10/2015 which went really well therefore, we will continue to have meetings and this is going ahead.  The lawyer is taking it on.  This will now involve flying APPVA members to Brisbane from all over Australia and other small direct costs.  We have decided unanimously in the meeting to keep the fund open for extra cash for these incidentals.

Any remaining funds at the end of the proceedings of the submission that aren’t used will be donated back to a charity/group of some description.  Maybe we can have a vote on it.  Just a suggestion.

An article  ‌that was covered recently by Ian McPhedran exposes some shocking information regarding younger Vets not being cared for and this is mainly due to the Act that has now been in place since 2004 (MRCA Act).  The SRCA Act has major flaws also.

As most of you are aware, there are quite a few serious issues that need rectifying within the department and we have been advised that a Royal Commission is the most cost effective way for making positive change.

We are seeing in the papers, on the news far too many reports of veterans not being looked after by the DVA.

The results of a survey ‌that I conducted  totally contradicted the results of the DVA satisfaction survey  and the many veterans that I have come across have serious issues with the department.  This will be a great achievement because a Royal Commission will rectify these issues.  I literally have hundreds of young Veterans statements that are so disturbing it makes me want to stop reading them.  There are too many suicides contributing to the department’s lack of time wasting and bureaucratic processes on decisions pending especially veterans with mental health issues, this also causes severe undue stress on veterans and their families. It is all too common that veterans with accepted conditions (and are unemployable due to the fact) are left without any help or income from the DVA and some of these veterans live on the streets.

The system is clearly failing our veterans and in particular our younger Vets who commonly come under the MRCA Act and SRCA Act that is under performing.  The sad thing is we have military personnel in the Middle East on operations that may come home with injuries or illnesses, adding to the number that the DVA can’t even control now. Changes need to be made now not tomorrow but it’s not too late.

Any donations are welcomed by vets and the public.  A few bucks from everyone will reach our goal.

You can stay anonymous when donating but I would appreciate if people with credibility release their name to give the fund raising peace of mind for other potential donors but it’s totally up to the individual.

Please share far and wide so we can get these donations flowing in.  Every $ counts.

On behalf of the APPVA and the Veteran community, I personally thank each and every one of you.

Kind regards,

Angus Sim


  1. Great to see, but on the other hand I now someone who is receiving a pension for being totally incapacited to work from DVA & Com Super all the while she is running a business bringing in middle 6 figures.
    Alleged conditions include.
    Compartment Syndrome lower legs.
    Server Adjustment Disorder
    Manic Depression
    And the list goes on.
    They are ex Navy and never left the training establishment at HMAS CERBERUS.
    This individual was quote investigated by DVA in Melbourne but the bloke that did it gave a get out of jail pass and retired the next day, so to this day they are still being paid thier pension and still running as sole director and owner of a company.
    While others struggle to get anything out of DVA for real not imagined conditions.
    Take this jem to your Royal Commission.

    • Rod Slater says

      Join up with ADSO and use their strength of combined numbers of ESO’s, contacts and procedures to achieve your aims Use consultation not confrontation to get your point on the ADSO Agenda

    • All income support and pension payments accept a (VEA pension a separate system), would be cut off if that was true. If true it’s another reason for an inquiry as I don’t believe many EX/Services personnel would be the type to rip off our tax payers unlike many immigrant’s.

  2. Just three question..who is the lawyer..and firm that he works for..and I think you will need SILKs

  3. Mark Stewart says

    Make DVA and the RSL respect all veterans, regardless of era. Fight the good fight mate. Duty First

    • Rod Slater says

      The RSL does respect ‘all veterans’ and all other’s who have served this Great Country of ours’. I’m also a former Grunt and I simply ask, ‘What have you done to further the cause of All Veteran’s?’

  4. David SPARREBOOM says

    Ive been researching what I think is the inability of dva to think about its present and prospective clients. They assume you are well informed, articulate and able to make sound and reasonable decisions on the information they present to you. That you are capable even though you suffer from PTSD, severe depression, arthritis, bowel disorders, tinnitus, etc etc, They assume you live near or can access help, assistance, and a healthy lifestyle. They assume you can wait on the phone for 35 mins or until battery runs out on mobile. They assume the system works well in the clients favour and you are financially viable. They assume you can chase doctors for reports. They assume Doctors can fill in their forms -almost immediately. They assume they don’t have to chase reports that are months overdue. I aasume all vets associations are working together for and against the DVA bueuocracy that is there for the sole purpose of assisting ex defence and vets. I would assume that its their duty, both the associations and the DVA, but apparently I was wrong. What the hell is wrong with the differing associations, you are worse than the children in the government, for F….k sake get together and nail the DVA or is it that some associations are in the pocket of DVA, I ASSUME. PS I haven’t been shot at overseas but I have had a tough time

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