A tribute to John Deighton (JPA) from all his Comrades in Arms

Absent at Roll Call

There was no answer when his name was called at roll today

A comrade who was with us in thick and thin has faded away

Now there’s a gap in our ranks where he used to be

Oh how he will be missed by the likes of you and me

Never reluctant to speak his mind, no matter where

Yet was always there when time for warriors to dare

If the chips were down and the day looked grim

He stood fast, shoulder to shoulder with him and him

Who could forget the familiar grin and “gidday mate” to all

Love of country and Duty First whenever the bugle did call

His special comforting cloak of mate ship no longer to be found

How will it ever be the same without such a comrade around?


Soldier, patriot and a true blue cobber to you and me

His spirt is with us and always will be

Such fond and proud memories of him forever so strong

As we that are left march forward with song

George Mansford October 2015

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