A Fond Salute to Lieutenant Colonel Jim Bourke (RL) AM, MG

Jimmy Bourke, True Blue (RAR-AATTV)


Did you ever meet a bloke so full of life?

Always with a huge grin, even in strife

Would often share his last smoke and tucker too

Never hesitant to speak up for the likes of me and you

In peace and war for causes he led many a band

Defeat and failure he never did understand

“Cannot be done” was never part of his game

Always challenging the system gave him justified fame

Above all, he was to you and me, true blue

A mate to be trusted to see any danger through

Already we are missing you, JB

Yet always will be those proud treasured memories

So many dawns and sunsets you shared with others

Such a great honour to have called you our brother

Luv ya mate


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