The Battle Of Baria

The Battle of Baria (Phuoc Le) during the widespread Tet Offensive was a powerful introduction to South Viet nam for 3RAR at the beginning of what has been described as the definitive tour of any Australian Infantry Battalion. It’s ‘A’ Company, commanded then by Maj H. Howard was always in the thick of it. On the outbreak of the Tet Offensive in Phuoc Tuy the two other Australian Battalions were committed in a province to the north. A Company was designated Ready Reaction Force at Nui Dat and was requested to prepare for battle in the morning of 1 February 1968. What transpired was the heaviest street fighting seen by any Australian unit during the whole committment to Viet Nam, yet strangley it received little attention at the time and has sadly been neglected as a powerful moment in Australian military history…until recently. This is a simple pre-production interview for the Sharp End, yet in itself it even paints a picture of the ferocity of this defining Australian battlefield. For a more detailed account, please watch the Youtube link below.


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