Our Precious Values Are Not For Sale

What would they, the diggers of ANZAC say

As well as sons and daughters who followed in their way

If to see today’s prostitution and threats to our way of life

Values they defended with blood, sweat and tears in times of strife

Ghost Soldiers

Secret ballot, freedom of speech and have a go at any political rort

Always a Sunday choice; Church, camping in the bush or sport

These were some of the values why they were prepared to give all

Never again to be home and hear a loved one’s familiar sweet call


To properly honour them is to pursue their earnest intents

A happy prosperous land secure and free from evil malcontents

To work, share, care and speak out for what you hold dear

Decency, respect and to walk the streets alone without any fear


To welcome migrants and refugees who have had long orderly wait

Nevertheless, the edict is, only if they’re prepared to assimilate

Our rich values are not to be prostituted, surrendered or for sale

Even to consider compromise is to fail


To ensure our precious legacy is there for those who follow

To be safe and secure in a happy tomorrow

So those yet to be born can stand tall and speak with pride

I am, you are, we are Australian and always side by side


It’s time for step forward; “Wake up, arouse, stand to’’

The future of our land down under is up to me and you

Do I hear cheering and shouting from ghostly columns marching by?

“The spirit of our nation must never be allowed to die “


George Mansford ©April 2015

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