How to Avoid Adversity In 2015

Adversity comes in many forms as we know

Floods, drought, bushfire and cyclones on the go

Politicians we elect who can never get it right

Depressions, recessions and mortgages are a fright


There are other types of challenges we meet

Complex official forms and red tape to complete

Election to decide between liars and idiots to lead our land

Opening tamper proof items with poor vision and arthritic hands

The best way to beat misfortune is to avoid it and you must

Walking alone on streets at night is a routine not to trust

Ignore what politicians promise; the chances are its pure spin

Be politically correct cos speaking your mind can be a terrible sin

Giving the finger to motor bike gangs passing by invites big trouble

When about to drive home, never ask the bartender for a double

Don’t joke about bombs when travelling by plane

That white shirt your wife laundered, don’t dare get a stain

It’s very dangerous to tell your mate she should lose weight

Future misery is harassing a partner because she’s running late

For any Germaine Greer, never surrender a seat or open a door

Challenging women is as foolish as running on wet slippery floors

Never argue or abuse the arresting officer or call him names

Playing or fiddling with your tax return could be an expensive game

Remember to pay insurance, registration, rates, taxes and other bills

If all this fails, just try laughing at yourself or take that bloody pill

George Mansford © January  2014

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