That Bonzer Spirit

Where ever you go in our big brown land, that spirit is the same

Always smouldering and now and then bursting into flame

Be it in the big smoke among blinking coloured neon lights

Or around a campfire beneath brilliant stars so bright


It comes alive as surging floods and constant teeming rain

Take all before them and cause heart wrenching pain

Or in the wake of a cruel cyclone that whacked a domain

The victims and neighbours unite to rebuild once again


It’s there in blistering smothering heat of never ending drought

Dry creek beds and empty dams with dying cattle all about

When howling winds of raging fire threaten life and homes

No matter what, it helps us bond together; no one is alone


Let’s not forget its powerful presence in wars from the past

The sacrifices, misery and grief until victory and peace at last

Or hard times of hunger, hand me down clothes and no jobs to get

Our proud history is rich with such challenges we have always met


Yet in all of our trials there is always hope to be

“She’ll be right mate”; “It could be worse “and “Have a cuppa tea”

The grins, wry humour and mateship slowly replace tears and sorrow

Aussies reaching out, all together to seek that bright tomorrow


It’s a spirit that when challenged becomes a fiery flame

With cries of humour and defiance to meet adversity again and again

“Up there Cazaly”;  “Aussie, Aussie”; or “Bugger you, I’m not done”

A confident smile as sleeves are rolled up and “We can do it, son”


Religious Fanatics have no chance to convert us at all

Many of us have a religion where “come in spinner” is the call

Our sacred rituals include BBQs and the weekend footy match

In thongs we worship backyard cricket and cheer for every catch


Provided you stay within the rules, no one worries what you do

We have no compulsory God, so worship whoever you want to

Religion’s a personal thing and is one of our precious ways of life

Remember, OZ fought to protect such values in past bloody strife


So Mr Terrorist, stop dreaming that you will win

We have a powerful national spirit that’s secure and deep within

So bugger off back to where you came from, mate

And on your way out, don’t forget to shut the bloody gate


George Mansford © December 2014

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