Once A Lucky Country

Imagine if past generations could return and see

The true state of affairs of our once lucky country

It’s odds on they would shake their head in disbelief

To see the futility of their sweat, blood and grief


We have many politicians who cannot plan beyond yesterday

Such narrow vision they need guide dogs to lead the way

Excellent in blame games and they worship political correctness too

They’re experts in doing what the rest of us were taught never to do


Foreign ownership of OZ has become very much the trend

Rich agricultural soil polluted by drills, fracking and chemical blends

We pay strangers for water which was once yours and mine

Despite frequent droughts, no major dams built in a long, long time


Minority groups are pandered and contradictions more than one

We’re told the Treasury is bare yet Canberra still finds money for fun

In regards security measures, Burkas are OK but helmets taboo.

As a reward for going to another war, the military gets a pay cut too


Where love of country and promises are no longer honoured calls

Citizenship has become just a piece of paper to hang on a wall

Our laws favour the guilty and their victims powerless to act

Spin doctors well paid by Government for distorting fact


Oh if only we could start all over again once more

Sail to Botany Bay and add new rules within our golden shore

Including that both integrity and common sense to be a must

No matter the status, deport any baxxxrd who aint worth a crust

George Mansford ©November 2014

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