Open Day & Tattoo 31 Oct 14

Tattoo flyer V2Fella’s,


Can you please forward this to your respective associations.

I am getting a lot of questions about dress, base access etc etc.


Dress is whatever you are comfortable in, but we would prefer Coat and Tie with medals.  If you are comfortable in Neat Casual, then so are we.  The important thing for us is that you attend, not necessarily what you are dress in.  If blokes are coming to the open day part from 0930-1400 h on 31 Oct 14, then you should wear something that you would be comfortable moving around a 25m Range, shooting in, travelling in the back of a vehicle in……


Base access is simply a photo ID.  You will need to stop at the Pass Office and get a pass for the day/night, then proceed to the gate.  We will have solders at the gate with a map to get you to the car park, then to the Battalion and the parade area.


Navigation.  I will ensure that the blokes at the front gate can explain how to get to the Battalion once you are in the gate.  They will also have a marked map that has been produced by the Bn Int Offr.


Money.  There will be an ATM on site at the parade if you imbibe too much.


If there are any other RFIs (Requests for Information) then please get back to me.





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