Broken Promises

Some Things Never Change

It seems politicians have no real regard for the profession of arms. On the contrary, their willingness to seek easy solutions can be measured by unjustified slashing of defence budgets whenever there is a shortage of coin and the need for a whipping boy with seemingly indifference in regards possible threats to national security. A recent example was the worst defence budget  since 1938 (One year before WW2 began) despite a continued and seemingly never ending cycle of military operations in and away from our area of interest as well as potential commitments and not forgetting terrorism.

Political parties of all colours are not only predictable at targeting military budgets but the hip pocket of the soldier as well.  Past examples have included Canberra’s reluctant admission that the Consumer Price Index was very unfair in measuring pensions for Disabled Veterans and thus changed the rules. Woe and behold, the new government has decided to return back to the old formula. The whipping boy in this case is the disabled veteran and family.

Are these comments from not so long ago familiar?  “Those who wear our nation uniform must be honoured.” and “While these warriors are away, we will look after their families.”

Today there are intentions to reduce military leave entitlements and purchasing power of wages. Just the military mind you. No doubt it will happen and no doubt the military will bear the burden, get on with the job with all its associated dangers and demands. No doubt, politicians will continue to be seen in high emotive shots identifying with soldiers and no doubt when the slightest hint of elections comes there’s every chance of new promises and what’s even more certain is the bastards will break them too.


Broken Promises and Deceit by Canberra Suits


Our military swear an oath and to its rules abide

To serve our nation and orders obey

Tis a sacred promise held dear by soldiers as they serve side by side

For those who don the national cloth, it’s always been that way


They share, care, shiver, sweat, hunger and thirst

No unions for them but always ready to die

Such is their love of country to accept the very worst

Theirs a sacred duty to soldier on and not ask why


Politicians on the other hand  never practise any of this

So when wealth has been wasted and gold coins are short

Comes need for sacrifice excluding their own opulence and benefits

Why not a soft target thus promises to the military they abort


In such difficult times it will be easy to fool warriors once more

Their love of country and sense of duty will ensure refrain

New garlands, praise and fresh promises will calm any rage for sure

Until a new generation arrives and such vows can be broken again

George Mansford © October 2014

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