To Bleat or Roar

TV in the comfort of home secure with key and lock

Shows columns of semi-naked captives herded as sheep

As armed shepherds taunt and bully the doomed flock

The world yawns as to slaughter the prisoners creep


Freedom stolen; genocide on the move again

Haunting nightmares stir from not so long ago

Young and old wearing Stars of David in cattle trains

Enticed to showers and murdered by swastika foe

Heads buried in sand and mute is our voice

Life’s lessons ignored from previous strife

When will we learn that with such evil there is no choice?

Never to compromise our precious values in life

Turning the cheek is a respected discipline

Yet given the threat to us and those who follow

Converting ploughs into swords would be no sin

For lions with courage and purpose for our tomorrow

George Mansford © August 2014

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