To Hell With The Iceberg

As our Nation sails forward to where it has never been

There’s a very large blip on the radar screen

An iceberg of large proportions ahead it seems

Several Senators recently elected and at the helm said

“We’re in command and today it’s full steam ahead”

Other crew, authors of long past broken promises still sleep

Onwards steams the bonzer ship Oz with its cargo of sheep


Can someone take real command before all is lost?

None of those on the Bridge are qualified to be boss

Yet these novices can decide to stop or charge

Unfortunately their combined experience is far from being large

So why is it politicians don’t have pre-entry tests?

Like commoners do, be it driver, trade, military, police and the rest

For Canberra Suits, why not start with IQ ratings and literacy tests?


Throw in honesty checks and ensure no hidden shame

Provide a financial penalty if they quit early from the game

Past record of leadership and love of country is the call

No blinkers to mask the truth and common sense shines above all

A belief that election promises are solemn and not to become a farce

They stand up to be counted in crisis and not sit on their arse

On second thoughts, man the life boats, cos very few would pass

George Mansford © July 2014

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