Broken Dreams

Suddenly, bright blinding light from a bursting flare
A weary soldier woken from bliss to living nightmare
Sweet dreams of his wife stolen by the uninvited glare
In a pulse beat he senses new danger on a hill of madness
A crowded noisy theatre complete with death and sadness
Stumbling footsteps are near and shouts of “Stand To”
Then dreaded words “They’re on the wire and coming through”

That same hour his lonely wife does write
‘How I miss you so, day and night
I know it was your duty to go
Please hurry home; I love you so
So many dreams yet to come true,
A home to be built, children and a life together
All my love forever and ever’

Next morn, life in our nation is the same
Traffic jams, work, ticking clocks, more bills again
Then breaking news of casualties from the war
Viewers shrug and murmur “what the hell for”
Others switch channels to check cricket scores
Canberra speeches are prepared by writers paid in gold
Caesar then orates on duty, sacrifice and “we must be bold”

Government suits, friends and family gather at the grave
A grieving young woman tries so hard to be brave
Politician lay wreaths and ensures the act is seen
An aide signals time; a curt farewell then they leave the scene
That night the bereaved is alone with her broken dreams
The nation yawns as Caesar speaks of why we’re over there
Yet the hill of madness is now deserted and few do care

George Mansford ©February 2013

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