‘Push to the Bush’ for 2013.

Hi Folks


It is that time again to put together the team/s for ‘Push to the Bush’ for 2013.


For those who don’t know what this is, this will be the 8th year that we have organised groups  of Veterans to go out to the small country towns and take the message of Anzac day to the children and people of the district.  We basically fit in with whatever the town wants which is usually a talk at the school, dawn service and a march.  As added extra the Vets have taken out any of their own memorabilia and we have set up a mini museum which has always been very well accepted.

It is a time that the folk out bush really look forward to and are so appreciative of.  Everywhere we have been the Vets have been very well respected and extremely well looked after and they have a great time.

It is a win, win situation as everyone benefits from the experience.  Please join us.

If you are sick of the wet then just to let you know, Wyandra, Bollon and Yaraka are dry and have had little to no rain this year.


To date we have 36 names on the list, but we need more, so hopefully we will have a good number going this year as plans are underway to take Anzac Day to four towns – Wyandra, Augathella, Bollon and for the first time Yaraka.


The purpose of this correspondence is to get an idea of numbers so we can start to make plans.

The most important thing I need to know is, if you wish to go and which town you would like to go to?

Also, if there are others going out with you, or you know of any others who would like information, could you please give me their details so I can include them on the list for information?

Just to give you an idea of distances I have put together the following.


These are all from Standown Park:

To Bollon via Dalby                     –   698km

To Augathella via Mitchell         –   749km

To Wyandra via Roma                –   846km

To Wyandra via St George         –   974km

To Yaraka  via Roma / Tambo    – 1130km

To Yaraka via Rocky./ Emerald   – 1300km

From Rockhampton to Yaraka    –   857km


At all towns you will have power and water available and all are keen to have the Vets visit.


At Wyandra this year, you have the option of staying in town at the caravan park set up by Kim & Glenn, behind the General store for $5 per van per night for power and full use of the amenities or at the Race course where there is power and water and amenities.

For Augathella, accommodation would be at the rodeo or football grounds, both are a short distance from town.

Bollon also has very good camping facilities at the Polocrosse Grounds also a short distance from town.

Yaraka also has power and water and amenities at the camp grounds right in town beside the hotel.

All camp grounds (other than Wyandra store C/van park) are free of charge to us, although we always make a donation of $10 – $20 per van for the duration of our stay, which we give to the Co-ordinator towards the power.


We have some people who will already be on the road and meet up out at the various towns and others will be leaving from Standown around the 15th April.  When and where you leave from and travel through is entirely up to you.  Later Rod will put out a trip plan which once you read it you will be asked to let us know your departure dates and trip plans so we can send that to all and if you happen to be in the same vicinity as some others, you may like to meet up along the way.

There are a lot of details to finalise, but first we need to have an idea who is going and where.

Please return email or phone with your name and details including which is your preferred town.

If you have friends /mates who would like to attend bring them along, all are very welcome and Augathella has plenty of accommodation for anyone who does NOT have a van.

Thanks  Rod and Pam

Ph:07 5486 5144   Mobile: 0417 718 127   Email: [email protected]                                                                     2/03/2013

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