No RCB Review by an Incoming Coalition Govt

Have just received a reply letter from Senator Ronaldson, shadow minister for VA.
As you can read from its content, the incoming Lib Gov will not be reviewing the RCB issue when they take power.
Robert Cross


  1. Michael "Mick" Connolly says

    Words fail me. Surely the fact that RAAF Ubon received the AASM, we in RCB had the same ROE should receive the same? The public were lied to about us being in Butterworth ie we were there just to do training with the Malaysian Army (of which C Coy Jun-Sep 1974 and A Coy Jun-Sep 1975 1 RAR did no training with them as they were off fighting the CTs) A Coy did utilise the Malaysian Army when one of them was attached to each listening/standing patrol around the base when the RMAF took delivery of their F5 fighter planes. I am attending a forum where Sen Ronaldson and MP Julie Bishop will be in attendance, hopefully I can get a few minutes with them and put our point across just to reinforce that the RCB will not take this lying down and we are entitled to the same as RAAF Ubon (and Diego Garcia, Kuwait and the UAE). Duty First

  2. These articles read as they appear on line,

    Its only concern about the disposition of armed forces under the Five-Power arrangement is that the two Australian squadrons of Mirage fighters should remain stationed in Butterworth, Malaysia, to provide air defence for the region ( Canberra Times 1970) (Therefore after reading that sentence it could be argued that the Rifle Company was prepared and armed and engaged in the same defence but of the base and Australian interests.
    Defence Review, all things considered, had little to say about the specific issue of Malaysia – Singapore defence. It was mainly concerned with arguing that Australian forces must be maintained at a level where they would be capable of being deployed in the region at any time during the future, should Australia’s interests demand it.(Canberra Times 1972)
    Australia, Singapore prepare to defend Malaysia [coming soon]The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995) Tuesday 10 May 1977 p 1 Article
    … contingency plan in the event of a possible” takeover of southern Malaysia by Communist insurgents, across Malaysia. A command-post operation involves placing the commanders in a central control post and’ … Malaysia is fighting with Thai troops against Communist insurgents on the Thailand border. These articles appear on line and are from the Canberra Times which reported on items released by the Prime Minister at the time or the Government.
    Another article still not fully released that appeared in 1971 … Malaysia, He (PM Mr.Gorton) was replying to the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Mr Barnard, who referred to reports of communist guerilla activity seven miles from the Butterworth air base in Malaysia.

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