The Wonderful Land Of Oz

Some wore chains, felt the lash and toiled with fear

Generations that followed strived with blood, sweat and tears

In time a nation was born and soon after, ANZAC was the battle cry

Came the Great Depression and many asked God “Why?”

The Coat Hanger an engineering feat as was the Snowy Hydro too

Among many proud pages of our history, these were but a few 


Unseen, we from yesterday are near as you seek your tomorrow

We hear gentle winds whisper of your joys and sorrows

We listen to the school bells ringing

The sweet sounds of church choirs singing

The familiar roars and cheers at the weekend footy games

The laughter and applause from local theatres of countless names


We watch with pride at the Olympics as our flag flies high above

Melbourne cups and the big grand finals which Oz does love  

The soap box in the park and the cry of “a fair go for all”

In both city and bush “come in spinner” is still a familiar call  

You have stood the test of war, flood, fire and drought

In tough times you share with others and often go without


If there was to be a warning for Oz, it would be this

Guard our values well, for apathy is deceitful bliss

Political correctness has become a terrible curse

It destroys common sense, free speech and even worse 

Your free and happy way of life is the pulse beat of this great land

A priceless gift not to be eroded or cheapened by ignorant bands


Never forget those dreams for tomorrow and what can be done

By you and those yet to be born in a land where all are as one 

Our spirits will watch with pride as you set the scene

For the rest of the world to follow where you have already been


George Mansford©February 2013

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