On This Day 2010 – Afghanistan

On this day in 2010 a platoon from D coy 6 RAR, mentors and their ANA counterparts set off for patrol into the village of Derapet.


Three and a half hours later it became one of the defining battles of our deployment. In it we lost one of finest, LCPL  Jared “Crash” MacKinney. A true Aussie digger always good for a laugh but got stuck into any work when it was needed. A really great friend who will be missed by all.

Love you mate, catch you later….

David Deitz

“Lest We Forget”


  1. Crash first approached me when I was conducting weapons training at C Coy, he asked me if I could give him extra training to refine his pistol marksmanship. He was so keen and eager to learn so I trained him up, pistol, rifle and MG. We competed at ASSAM together and between the pair of us we won champion pistol team and MG team. The shooting team came 2nd overall as a direct result of his contribution. His humour and jocularity bonded the team together. I was devastated when I heard of his loss. Everything you could ask for in a soldier, father, and devoted husband. When I think of Crash I use all his good points as motivation and I know he would want us all to carry on his example. My deepest sympathy to his family, my heart goes out to you, regards Hobbsy.

  2. Warren Champion says

    I am glad you posted this David. I was in Delta Coy 6RAR in 82,83 and 84. This Coy means alot to me and now that this incident has been brought to our attention I will not forget Crash.

    Warren Champion.

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