Respect in the RAR Brotherhood

We all communicate with each other in a myriad of ways, Tony Williams has kindly agreed to his post on Facebook being re-printed here:

“The Vietnam Vets in this group are very humble and sometimes awkward when we praise them or openly say we admire them.

We do this because, make no mistake you were in harms way in exactly the same way our forefathers were at Gallipoli, Kakoda or Korea.

The main difference was that your recognition and praise was not forthcoming on your arrival home. Your conflict was labeled the “dirty war” and was considered unsavory. This was not your fault. Your duty was done with spirit, honour and courage.

Australia as a nation has now in a sense said sorry to you Vets. The public has come to love and admire you and fully acknowledge the sacrifice you made and the scars you bear.

While our praise may make you a little uncomfortable understand that we need you to be our hero’s in the same way a nation adorned the diggers from WW1, WW2 and then Korea. It is just a natural thing.

If you’re able, tell us your stories, anecdotes and things that are important to you so we can pass them on to our children. In this way your spirit and stories will live forever.

I say without reservation thank you. You have my undying admiration and respect. To your 503 mates that died in Vietnam or have died later on their return home rest easy with the knowledge that a nation loves you and also considers you true sons of Anzac’s.


Lest we Forget


  1. I grew up wanting to join the army because of the Vietnam vets i thought even when i was a young kid the way they were treated was a disgrace i grew up around them and have nothing but admiration
    And to D/coy 6rar you are what the RAR is all about.

  2. Martin G English (Dingo) says

    Agree with Anthony R Williams wholeheartedly. ps best regards to you all, have missed your wit since leaving facebook- dingo

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