Hangout with the PM – Pete Criss Speaks

Many members of the Defence family are angered and dismayed with the PM’s responses to David Jamison’s questions on fair indexation of military superannuation on the recent online forum program, “Hangout with the PM”.

In this video, AVM Peter Criss (Retd) reflects their concerns with his insightful comments on the PM’s remarks.  Misha Schubert the moderator, who has a history of supporting our Military people, and the OurSay team, have subsequently apologised for the confusion during the interview, Misha had her producer and other sound feeds happening at that moment and did not hear David whom she inadvertently cut off.

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  1. Excellent rebuttal by Pete Criss of the (unelected) PM’s spin and lies. I would like her to explain how the country can afford the politicians massive salary/pension increases without any examination but so easily dismisses our claim as unafordable. More peanuts won’t change these monkeys.

  2. Peter Thornton says

    Another great video and response to the PM by Peter Criss and the ADSO Team.

    The Government fails to understand or acknowledge that their breach in the employment contract is that of “entitlement relativity”. As Peter mentions, it was the Government that finally adopted CPI as a wholesale measure to maintain the purchasing power of all Government funded payments, because it was a fundamental input that inextricably underpinned the wages system for many years. Understand that “purchasing power” and ones “material living standard” is defined and is quantified by wages and income in real terms … it is not pure inflation as the CPI now reflects and captures.

    If the Government actually did any quantum of valid research (as opposed to some of its shonky reviews of late) then it would realise that it is in the wrong. The Government doesn’t have to conduct any more research because there is a bevy of it that has already been provided in various forms … but they choose to ignore it at the expense of those who served with honour and distinction.

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