A Pictorial History of the “Long Tan Cross”

Dave Sabben, Commander 12 Platoon, D Company, 6 RAR at the Battle of Long Tan has gone live with  a page on his website that traces the history of the Long Tan Cross in pictures.   The page is not meant to be a Masters Thesis – just a collection of photos (with or without people).

Dave is seeking some assistance on this task; “I’m looking for folks to send me their best photo(s) of the Cross, along with the date the photo was taken and permission for me to publish it on the web (with a “photo from ” credit to them, of course).”

Visit the website by clicking here

“If there are people in the picture (who don’t obscure the Cross), then I’d want whatever names the photo owner wants published. I only want one photo per 1 or 2 or 3 years from 1969 to current – so only 20-or-so photographs in total.”

This is a massive task and Dave askes you to bear in mind one proviso:
“I won’t guarantee I’ll use all received – if I get more than one photo of the same year or two, I’ll try to select the (technically) best photo or the photo that shows the Cross best.”


Photos need to be in focus and of a reasonable resolution for reproduction on screen – If it looks good on a PC screen at 4″x4″ (30cm x 30cm) then it should be okay. I have put together a “starter pack” so folks can get the idea: visit http://www.sabben.com/longtantrek/VN%20Long%20Tan%20Cross.html 


If you know of anyone who may have photos can you pass them the details so that this invaluable history is not lost, They can be sent to Dave Sabben at [email protected].


“Cheers, and thank in advance to anyone who responds and shares their photo(s).”  Dave


  1. Ted Chitham says

    Congratulations on all the work you do to keep the Spirit Alive. Well done M8

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