William’s Letter





This is the letter young 9yo William wrote to Defence Minister Stephen Smith when he was not able to join his “papa” who also wrote and hand delivered his own letter to the minister.  See his grandfathers letter by clicking here.



  1. edwin tutty says

    Great letter William!! I wish I could answer your question for you!! There are people who could answer it…but won’t…because they aren’t brave like your papa!!

  2. Gary Chambers says

    The answer is simple for people like MR W Duffield they tell us the country can’t afford it. I like Williams papa got a whole 75 cents per fortnight. How much did the politicians get? The amount of money this government and their predecessors have wasted on on a list of things a mile long could have quite easily fixed the problem with the pensions of ex-service men and women. I could list those things but it may offend some people. Until we finally get a government that recognises the worth of both current and ex-service people the unfairness of the current way out pensions are indexed will continue. This does include our current independent politicians doesn’t it Mr Xopone (don’t know how to spell his real name and don’t care to know) good nick name considering his promise prior to him showing his real colours when the numbers counted.
    I congratulate William on his brilliant letter and hope someone finally does listen and helps his papa.
    We are continually told we live in the lucky country by Mr Swan just a pity it doesn’t include ex-service people.

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