Old soldiers were on parade and the ranks thinning fast

Soon there were but a few and then the very last

Now is the time to reflect on this unit’s life

To salute history created during bloody strife

It’s warriors served from the Mekong Delta to the DMZ

Sometimes alone, often in groups of two or three

They fought in the mountains, paddy fields and towns

Special Forces to Rough Puffs; their names and deeds abound

Scattered throughout Provinces dressed in cams or jungle


Was there anywhere in South Vietnam the Team had not been?

Always the mateship and together in thick and thin

They believed in their cause and did their best to win

When obstacles seemed too much, persevere was the call

Regardless of circumstances, these gladiators stood tall

They dreamed of loved ones under the Southern Cross far


And those who fell, perhaps a loving thought as they bid



All have returned to the rendezvous and are again together

Free spirits, side by side in a very special place forever

You of tomorrow will visit this place and learn of AATTV

The unit roll etched on a sacred wall for all to see

Imagine them as they once were, weary soldiers passing by

Picture them in battle; the curses, shouts and cries

Perhaps a gentle wind will softly whisper of many deeds

In forgotten outposts, on un-named hills and ancient paddy

fields See the forced grins as they walk hunched with heavy


Hear ANZAC slang “come in spinner” or “How ya goin mate”

Familiar words of “saddle up” “let’s go” or “Follow me”

Their love of country and flag is an example for you and me

See the unit badge forged in war with its motto —Persevere

Be rest assured that each and every spirit of the Team is here

Remember them well, these warriors of their time

They are now part of our proud history; yours and mine

George Mansford©January 2011


  1. Samantha Retchford says

    Beautiful 🙂
    My Uncle Kerry “wild bill” Doolan fought with his mates through the battle of Long tan and survived to tell the tale. Proud of him and all our military men past and present, who give their all to keep us safe. God bless them.

  2. Poignant,
    Thankyou George.

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