A FOREST FOR OUR FALLEN – by George Mansford

Given we are soon to commemorate 100 years since ANZAC, it begs the

following question. Why can’t our nation have such a forest of trees?  It

would seem appropriate to include a history trail commencing at the

entrance to such a living memorial.




Many of our youth in times gone by

Answered the Nation’s call

Now in foreign fields they lie

Banded together close to where they did fall

Others sleeping in places we know not where

Thusa dream I share with you to dare


A tree for each fallen warrior in a forest of green

On a sacred site beneath the Southern Cross

In regimental lines spread further than can be seen

A place for pilgrims to honour those we lost

To walk a path shaded by protective wooden arms

A living breathing forestat peace and far from harm


Imagine such a place where gentle winds drift by

When spirits whispera faint but familiar coo-ee

Nesting coloured birds answer with screeching cry

Furry folk gathering seed pause to listen neath the


While ghostly shadows flitter and wooden giants sigh

Where tomorrow’s youth can reflect and understand


George Mansford©march 2011

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